A broad and lively campaign is currently unfolding in Mexico to boycott the upcoming presidential elections of the old Mexican state, which will take place on June 2. The comrades of the democratic and revolutionary website Mural Periodico write in a report on the election boycott activities about the special nature of the Mexican election campaign.

Thus the election campaign, as a central venue for the contradictions and power relations between the various factions of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, comprador bourgeoisie and big landowners, also leads to violence between these factions. The comrades report that since the start of the pre-campaign on November 6 last year, there have been a total of 23 assassinations of politicians of the bureaucratcapitalist-landowner state. Further proof that the factions of the ruling classes and their political personnel are only interested in personal power for their own interests and that the elections are not held in the slightest in the interests of the people to bring progress to the country.

Meanwhile, as part of the electoral boycott campaign, some powerful and militant actions have taken place against the electoral propaganda of the old Mexican state and the parties of the big bourgeoisie and big landowners.

In Chiapas in southern Mexico, there was an attack on an electoral authority building on February 21. During the attack, the building was pelted with stones and Molotov cocktails, which led to a fire inside the building that partially burned election documents and set furniture ablaze. This led to a large-scale operation by the state police, the National Guard and the fire department.


In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, various pro-government actions against the elections took place on 4 March during a large mobilization with over a thousand participants. Participants in the demonstration removed election advertising from the various parties and instead put graffiti and slogans on the walls calling for a boycott of the elections. The removed election propaganda was then burned under the slogans "Elections are not the solution, the solution is revolution!" and "Don't vote, prepare for the struggle".


In the country's capital, Mexico City, as part of the struggle for the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students by police officers, actions were carried out in which the Association of Rural Teachers and Student Teachers first expropriated a pick-up from the state electricity company CFE and then broke through a gate of the presidential palace with this pick-up, during heavy fighting with the military and municipal police.


These powerful and brute actions are not only an expression of the deep crisis in which the bureaucratic capitalism and the old Mexican state find themselves, but also reflect the soul of the electoral boycott. The boycott of the elections denies legitimacy to the old system and responds to the question of how change can happen by answering that the popular masses, led by revolutionaries, must fight against the old system with revolutionary violence in order to conquer the power. This applies not only to conditions in Mexico, but is a strategic question that applies to every country in the world, whether it is an oppressed nation or an imperialist nation.