The comrades of Rote Presse have informed us that issue 49 of the Rote Post is online. Furthermore, they have also informed us that after the latest issue reaches them, they will publish the respective previous issue. The latest updated issue can be found here.

It was only a matter of time and now it has happened. The first head has rolled in the traffic light government led by the godfather of Hamburg - the gangster Olaf Scholz. Federal Minister for Family Affairs Anne Spiegel (Greens) announced her resignation from her office on the afternoon of 11 April 2022, and only a good four months after being sworn in. The reason lies in the flood disaster in July last year. At the time, Anne Spiegel was the state minister for the environment in Rhineland-Palatinate, which was badly affected by the flood. Nevertheless, Spiegel, who was directly responsible because of her office at the time, went on holiday for a whole four weeks only ten days after the flood.

You are allowed to hang a Confederate flag in your garden, one of the German Empire and of Saudi Arabia. Bumper stickers glorifying the Bundeswehr or the US Army are no problem at all. But what will not be allowed in the future are Z-symbols in public.

In the last few days, there was a street agitation against the imperialist war in Ukraine in the workers' neighbourhood of Billstedt.

Signs against the war were held up, the statement of the Red Women's Committee was distributed and a banner was hung up. The action was very welcomed and the statement was gladly received. There was particular encouragement when the slogan "Hail to international solidarity" was intoned. It was clear that people continue to see Yankee imperialism as the main enemy of the peoples of the world and have had enough of the lies and hypocrisy of the rulers of the FRG, who alone want to demonise Putin and are themselves the warmongers. We document pictures of the action which were sent to us.

In the working class district of Gröpelingen in Bremen, the Red Women's Committee Bremen distributed their leaflet against the imperialist war and its costs, which are now being passed on to the workers and the people. The leaflet was distributed in German, as well as in Arabic, Bulgarian and English, and hung up at local tram stops. For this purpose, the comrades carried a sign with the inscription: "Against passing on the costs of the war to the working class! For free local transport, abolition of the value added tax and assumption of the costs of electricity!" We have received pictures of the action, which we publish here.

As part of the grand plan of the traffic light coalition for care, there should be, among other things, a renewed tax-free care bonus for care workers of up to € 3,000. Instead of implementing the right goals, such as above all higher wages or the equalisation of sick and long-term care, the complexity of how to implement this bonus has been discussed in the past months. As Green MP Janosch Dahmen put it, "What we want to avoid at all costs is that individuals who would have absolutely deserved the money end up not getting any money because we didn't do the law well in a hurry." So the draft law, which was actually planned for December, was postponed until it was presented by Mr Lauterbach at the end of March. The result for most carers is, surprise surprise, a joke that is intended to do one thing above all: divide the working class in the health system.

Whether analog or digital, one could hardly escape the advertising offensive for the musical "Shen Yun" in recent weeks. In the promotional videos, group dance scenes are shown - women in silk robes and historical soldiers dancing ballet.

During the week, a street agitation against the war, the rearmament and the massively rising prices took place in the working class district of Lehe in Bremerhaven. The leaflet of the Red Women's Committee Bremen was distributed in German, Bulgarian and Arabic. The teachers took the leaflet very well and supported the demands for free local transport, an abolition of VAT or a basic income for everyone, as well as an end to the war in Ukraine. We document here some pictures of the action that were sent to us.