We document pictures sent to us from Freiburg. In the past week, several graffitis have appeared in the working-class neighborhoods of Weingarten and Landwasser. Particularly noteworthy are the paintings against the imperialist war, where the slogan "Down with the imperialist war!" was painted in Landwasser not only in German but also in Russian.

Earlier this week, the German government announced plans to equip the Bundeswehr with 35 F-35 fighter jets. The F-35 is the most modern fighter jet in the world and probably the most powerful weapon currently existing on this planet. The fighter jets are expected to cost a good 4 billion euros. Above all, however, the F-35 is interesting because, as a so-called multi-role fighter jet, it is versatile. It can carry different weapon systems and is also capable of firing nuclear weapons.

On Friday, March 18, a contingent of revolutionaries and progressive masses gathered in front of Freiburg Prison to hold a rally there on the occasion of the anniversary of the Paris Commune and Political Prisoners Day.

The campaign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the TKP/ML continues. In Turkey and in many other countries, proletarian revolutionaries are developing actions to celebrate this 50th anniversary.

We publish photos of Dazibaos with the slogans "Down with all imperialists! Long live the friendship of the peoples!" and "Long live the friendship between the proletariat and the peoples of Ukraine and Russia - Down with the exploiters and oppressors!" in German and Russian from Bremen, which were sent to us. The Dazibaos were seen in the working class area of Neue Vahr, in places where many Ukrainians and Russians gather.

Since the decision of the 100 billion special fund and the general increase of the defence budget to, according to gangster chancellor Olaf Scholz, "over 2 percent" of GDP, the German armed forces have a lot of money at their disposal to increase their attack capacities. Now the FRG wants to buy up to 35 F-35 fighter jets from the Yankee defence contractor Lockheed Martin.

The war in Ukraine is causing a worldwide shortage of wheat. Here in Germany, too, the prices of bread or pasta have already risen. This is mainly because Russia and Ukraine are two of the biggest exporters of wheat in the world. Russia is the number one exporter with 37.3 million tonnes annually, while Ukraine is in fifth place worldwide with 18.1 million tonnes. Together, the two countries produce a good 25 per cent of the world's wheat.

The comrades of Rote Presse have informed us that issue 48 of the Rote Post is online. Furthermore, they have also informed us that after the latest issue reaches them, they will publish the respective previous issue. The latest updated issue can be found here.