We document an English translation of the solidarity statement by the Collective Red Hamburg for Dev-Genç.


Freedom for the three imprisoned comrades in Turkey! Solidarity with Dev-Genç!

A few days ago three youth who were traveling from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to Turkey were arrested and have since then been imprisoned. The three youth have in common that they are Turkish revolutionaries. This is the only reason why they got in the crosslines of the Turkish repression authorities. The three do always struggle against the reactionary regime in Turkey, at many possibilities together with the revolutionaries in the FRG and for the freedom of the political prisoners.  Now we, the revolutionaries in the FRG and all progressive forces have to campaign for their freedom because now they are political prisoners!

In the last few years the Turkish state and its reactionary regime are advancing against the Turkish revolutionaries again and again. A willingly accomplice for this is always German imperialism, which it has shown with the coordinated arrests of 10 activists of the Confederation of Turkish Workers in Europe (ATIK), the ban on the revolutionary magazine Yürüyüş or lastly with the arrest and incarceration of the Turkish revolutionary Musa Aşoğlu. Because even if there are pretended or real contradictions between German imperialism and the Turkish bureaucrat-capitalistic government one thing applies: In the suppression of the revolutionary movement reactionaries of all kind are unified. Therefore the struggle for the freedom of the imprisoned comrades and all political prisoners in Turkey must be a struggle against German imperialism which must be waged in its own interior.

We demand the immediate release of the three imprisoned comrades in Turkey and the possibility of departure in a country of their choice.We demand also the release of all comrades who were arrested in the context of the police action. Reaction is fighting the revolutionary movement united, let us struggle unified for the freedom of the political prisoners!

Freedom for all political prisoners!

Solidarity means resistance!

The Rebellion is justified!
Isyan etmek meşrudur!

Collective Red Hamburg
April 2017