We are pleased to announce a new website - the official internet platform of the TKP/ML where the documents of the central publication archives already have been integrated and where documents of the TKP/ML, TIKKO and TMLGB will be published in the future.

In 21 cities across Europe commemorative festivities are to be held in honor of the two most recent martyrs in the People’s War in Turkey, Central Committee Member Nubar and Unit Commander Rosa. After the reactionary Turkish state laid siege with drones, helicopters, airplanes and a thousand soldiers to the area of their presumed whereabouts for three days, deploying also chemical weapons, their death was announced on September 9th.

In Freiburg about 15 people participated in a talk on the revolutionary movement in Peru on occasion of the 28th anniversary of the speech of Chairman Gonzalo as part of the Café Popular. Afterwards a very vivid and comradely discussion developed about the necessity to further study Maoism. Of particular interest is the participation of different comrades from Luxembourg. For the event posters were put up in order to mobilize. Additionally a small painting was made on occasion of September 24th.

Yesterday in the early afternoon, the 7th Criminal Division of the Munich Higher Regional Court announced its verdict in the TKP / ML trial. The ten defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 2 years to 9 months to 6 years and 6 months. Against the farce of this process and its final verdict, hundreds of rally participants took part in yesterday's protests in Munich.

Henceforth we document the unofficial translation of a statement issued by the Front for the Defense of the Struggles of the People of Ecuador the day before yesterday:


The comrades of the Tribune of the People have published an important statement condemning the persecution of three persons who participated in the mass-uprisings in the United States, sparked of by the lynching of a Black man, by the a Joint Task force of the Austin Police Department and FBI. The whole statement can be read in English here.

Soon we will make a general actualisation of the links on this page but that will take some time. But still due to the current rapid development of the classtruggle in the USA we think it is important to notify our readers that the website "Incendiary News" no longer is the source of information from the Maoists in the United States. The website "Tribune of the People" is the reliable source for news on the development of the revolutionary movement in the United States and we urge our readers to follow it.

From our Comrades of "Tribune of the People" we received the following critique (excerpt):

"In your article you state that "As the contradictions continue to sharpen, Trump threatens to deploy the military. This is something that has never happened before in US history."

This is not entirely correct, while the army has not seen ground action it has been threatened and activated. Last at the 1992 LA uprising, but it is historically precedent as well, the US Army was activated and ordered to intervene by presidential order in the Blair Mountain uprising, which was declared an insurrection, the orders ended up being carried out on the ground by the National Guard but the US Army was called in. So far all Trump has done is make threats, others have  done this, it is something the whole ruling class is guilty of and not a peculiarity of Trump."