France’s environment minister François de Rugy last week announced the resignation from his post after being caught up in what came to be known internationally and in France as the “lobster-affair”. While the yellow vest movement put France in turmoil, the masses rebelled against their miserable conditions and turned their hatred against institutions and personnel of the state and capital, de Rugy was renovating his flat and giving lavishing banquets for his buddies in industry and politics on the dime of the working people of France.

Choosing the easy way out of the spotlight, the fact of de Rugy unrestrainedly enriching himself on the backs of the people would have soon be covered up in official rigmarole (since then, already “investigation reports” surfaced, claiming it would have not be THAT bad…) and under the patina of time. The Maoist Communist Party in the French State however had different plans, when it painted in big red letters on the flat of François de Rugy: “De Rugy the crook – we will make him pay – MCP” [in French: “De Rugy escroc - on te fera payer – PCM”] together with hammer and sickle. Since then, various media outlets have reported on the matter, such as “Presse Océan” who have pictures of this action and claim to have received a mail in which the PCM takes responsibility for the action. Furthermore the PCM has also today claimed the action for itself, via the Website

 As retaliation against this action, French police have now arrested a worker’s militant of Nantes who they accuse for having committed that action. This arrested activist, as the PCM informs, had already been the target of repression during the struggles against the reactionary labor law of 2016, aiming against the rights of the proletariat in France. Recently he was participating with great determination in the protests of the yellow vest movement and in the struggle against the fascists. On the basis of flimsy evidence, this activist was now, in a deliberate action to threaten other workers from fighting and expressing solidarity, arrested at his workplace – simply as a scapegoat and to make an example out worker who dared to rebel.

It’s right to rebel!
For the immediate release of the prisoner of Nantes!