Yesterday, an annually organized activity from ADHK in support of the political prisoners took place in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. Different speeches, partially transmitted live from Turkey – where on this day a manifestation took place in Istanbul in regards to the very same topic –  reported on the miserable conditions of confinement, the overcrowded prisons and repression against the democratic movements and the mass struggles. Furthermore, there was a broad cultural program with various musical contributions by different artists.


An additional focus during this activity was also laid on the campaign for the Defense of the Life of Chairman Gonzalo, which was raised not only in the opening speech, but also continuously in other contributions during the event. Additionally, a banner with the likeness of Chairman Gonzalo was raised above the stage alongside slogans to defend his live and for the liberation of all political prisoners and it was informed, that further actions are to take place in this campaign.

Shortly before the end, the more then 80 participants of the get-together received the news, that Chairman Gonzalo was murder by the Peruvian reaction on the Morning of the very same day. Upon receiving this news, an immediate show of solidarity and strength was shown: Spontaneously, speeches were given by comrades from ADHK and Klassenstandpunkt, a call for action was issued (particularly mobilizing to the demonstration in Hamburg on Saturday), a minute of silence was held and in a collaboration of different musicians “Bella Ciao” was sung.

At the same day, a manifestation also took place at the Peruvian Consulate in Offenbach, near Frankfurt am Main, organized by Partizan and supported by other Maoist forces. Approximately 30 comrades loudly and combatively shouted slogans for the Defense of the Live of Chairman Gonzalo, called for international solidarity and expressed their support for the peoples wars in the world.