For six years now, the imperialist intervention is running in Mali. For six years now, the country is occupied by various so-called Peacekeeper-Armies. However, these peacekeepers are nothing else than direct troops of the imperialists and their lackeys, whose aim is to ensure silence in the French semi-colony, which is rich in natural resources like gold. Since 2012, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, a Tuareg movement, has been attempting to recapture its traditional tribal territory from the Malian government and proclaim an independent national state. Even in 2019, the anti-imperialist struggle of the Tuareg can not be broken.

UN Mali
Already in the first month of this year, the imperialists and their lackeys had to suffer heavy losses. On January 25, two Sri Lankan soldiers were killed and six others were injured. The incident occurred near Douentza in the Mopti region in central Mali as their UN convoy triggered an improvised explosive device. On day before another soldier from Bukina Faso got also killed in the same area by an IED, a day before. On January 20, ten „peacekeepers“ from Chad were killed in Aguelhok, in the Kidal region, when rebels rushed the their located UN camp and wounded 25 further soldiers.

Such blows against the Imperialists and their lackeys force the French troops repeatedly to major evacuation missions. And the rebellion continues to be driven by continued intervention and occupation and regular bombardments by the French military, as was reported on January 19, when 15 rebels were killed. Likewise, the imperialist exploitation of the people and of the country stir up the rage of the people. For example, in the middle of January, a large gold mine collapsed in southern Mali, killing at least 19 workers. There are also repeated murders and massacres of Tuareg civilians by armed militia, as on January 17, when militias stormed a village of Tuareg and executed at least 34 villagers. However, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad will neither be able to liberate the Tuareg, nor hunt down the imperialists. Because their combat is not a class struggle, but permeated by religious drive and metaphysical views. A truly free state without imperialists can only be created by the Communist Party and People's War. Nevertheless, we welcome the fight against imperialism. It´s right to rebel.