At a meeting with representatives of the "Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative," Merkel reiterated Germany's direction of march in Africa: "Africa has so much market potential, but we need to make better use of it."

In recent weeks, Rwandan and Mozambican soldiers have retaken Cabo Delgado province in northeastern Mozambique from insurgents. This military operation, staged by the rulers as a blow against "Islamists," was in fact directed against the deepest and broadest masses.

In South Africa, the masses rebelled against their miserable living conditions by looting stores and attacking state institutions. Over 110 people died and 1200 were arrested. In the bourgeois press, the uprising is interpreted as a reaction to the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma.

On 3rd of March this year, a lot of mass protests started in Senegal. The people of Senegal are demonstrating because they are fed up with French imperialism. The masses are accusing the government of being puppets of the French ex-colonial rulers and are giving vent to their anger against French imperialism.

On June 25, 2021, 12 Bundeswehr soldiers were injured by a car bomb in Mali, three of them seriously. The crocodile tears of the press and politicians about the alleged meanness of this attack are directly linked to the demand to finally equip the Bundeswehr with killer drones so that it can properly fulfill its tasks. "Core task" of the Bundeswehr here is "monitoring the ceasefire between the Malian parties to the conflict."

Demvolkedienen recently reported on the involvement of French imperialism in the Rwandan genocide. The foundations for the incitement of the peoples of Rwanda were already laid during Belgian colonial rule.

In the following we want to give a short overview of the mass struggles and combative protests of the recent week in South Africa.

The imperialists and their lackeys do not find any rest in Mali, on Sunday two separate armed actions against personnel of the armed forces of Mali Mere carried out by suspected so called “Islamists“.