Last week has seen yet another coup of the military in Africa, this time in the country of Gabon. Elections conducted on Wednesday were annulled the same day by the military, a curfew was put in place, the internet got shut down and former president Ali Bongo was placed in house arrest. Yesterday borders have been opened again with the situation in the country stabilizing.

In the capital Tunis, fighting broke out between protesters and police on Saturday after the funeral of a young man who was severely injured by police in August this year and later died.

After last year‘s massive protests against the already high costs of living, that left more then a thousand people jailed and more then a hundred dead, massive protests errupted yet again. On Monday thousands of people took to the streets, protested, blocked roads, confronted the police and set ablaze government buildings.

We like to publish an inofficial translation of an article by the democratic newspaper A Nova Democracia that was sent to us.

We publish an unofficial translation of an article by AND comrades from Brazil on current struggles in Angola.

Three workers from the Chinese construction company China Ghezouba Group Company Limited (CGGC) were killed by the Angolan National Police (PNA) on 26 May during a protest for better working conditions and wage increases in Kwanza Norte province.

In the former French colony of Chad, hundreds of people demonstrated against France last Saturday, the 14th of April. In Chad, the ruler Idriss Déby had died in a coup about a year ago after more than 30 years after seizing power.

At a meeting with representatives of the "Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative," Merkel reiterated Germany's direction of march in Africa: "Africa has so much market potential, but we need to make better use of it."

In recent weeks, Rwandan and Mozambican soldiers have retaken Cabo Delgado province in northeastern Mozambique from insurgents. This military operation, staged by the rulers as a blow against "Islamists," was in fact directed against the deepest and broadest masses.