After the demolition of the homes of up to 7.000 people and the closure of a food market in the Korogocho neighborhood last week fierce fights against the police took place.

Last week several Chinese-owned factories and shops were torched by angry masses in the Free-Trade-Zone of Ogun-Guangdong in Nigeria.

Since the Lock Down, there are repeated looting and fights against security forces in South Africa.  In the following we want to give a short overview of the incidents of the last days.

On Tuesday, March 14, there were fights against the police and several shops were looted in the shantytown of Mitchells Plain and Manenberg, in Cape Town.

On Tuesday,  March 07, fierce fights took place between masses and security forces  in  the federal state of  West Kordofan, in Sudan.

Police forces suppressed a demonstration and killed at least three people to enforce the curfew, which were adopted under the pretext of the Corona-Pandemic.

In two separate attacks on Monday, March 23, in Chad and Nigeria more than 160 soldiers from the Chad were killed in the area around the Lake Chad.

On Thursday, March 19, the heaviest attack this month against the Malian military forces in the ongoing resistance struggle against the imperialist war took place.