On Tuesday,  March 07, fierce fights took place between masses and security forces  in  the federal state of  West Kordofan, in Sudan.

Police forces suppressed a demonstration and killed at least three people to enforce the curfew, which were adopted under the pretext of the Corona-Pandemic.

In two separate attacks on Monday, March 23, in Chad and Nigeria more than 160 soldiers from the Chad were killed in the area around the Lake Chad.

On Thursday, March 19, the heaviest attack this month against the Malian military forces in the ongoing resistance struggle against the imperialist war took place.

The masses are fighting everywhere, even on the African continent. In the following we want to give a short overview of actions in Kenya.

Since last Wednesday, residents of the town of Ladysmith, which has 64,000 inhabitants, have been blocking streets and entrances to the town in protests against the mayor.

Climate change, caused by the imperialist mode of production, has many different effects. In this article we want to shed some light on the influence of the greenhouse effect as a cause of flight on the African continent.

After the airstrike on internment camps for refugees with more than 40 dead people, near the Libyan capital Tripoli, all parties to the conflict deny any involvement in this war crime. It has not been conclusively clarified if the troops of the Libyan unity government, which was brought to power in 2011 by a NATO war, under the auspices of the United States, the only hegemonium and main enemy of the peoples and France. Or if it was the troops of the apostate General Haftar, who is now supported by the US. Both the reigning Libyan president and the former CIA employee Haftar vehemently deny this. While it is obvious that it was the rebel forces that actually wanted to hit an adjacent base of pro-government militias.