In the former French colony of Chad, hundreds of people demonstrated against France last Saturday, the 14th of April. In Chad, the ruler Idriss Déby had died in a coup about a year ago after more than 30 years after seizing power.

A military council then ruled, with Déby's son as president. This military council dissolved the previous government as well as the National Assembly and appointed a transitional government subordinate to it. At the same time, they promised the people democratic elections within the next 18 months - they would now have six months to implement this promise. The French government tolerated this takeover by the military more or less without a word, obviously well aware that the previous government is its closest ally in the war in the Sahel against so-called jihadists. The protests were directed against French support for the military government and specifically targeted French petrol stations, seven of which were attacked. Crowds repeatedly chanted "France out!" and burned at least two French flags during the protests. Police then arrested five people from the opposition whom they accuse of leading the protests. The protests are part of a mood of the peoples of West Africa against France, which repeatedly attacks civilians there in its alleged battles against "Islamists".