The resistance against the occupiers and their collaborators in Mali does not stop, not even shortly before the visit of the German foreign minister. In Mali, since more than six years large parts of the people are fightingl against the occupiers of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, briefly MINUSMA (Mission Multidimensional Intégrée des Nations unies pour la stabilization au Mali) and against the European Union Training Mission EUTM (European Union Training Mission) with all their means. In the recent days, the rebels have hit sensitive targets of the imperialists and their lackeys


• In an ambush about 50 kilometers outside the Malian capital Bamakos, on Saturday the 23th of Febuary, three soldiers from Guinea died.

• On the 24th of February, five days before the visit of the German foreign minister, the so-called "Gecko" camp was attacked. In the attack on the base in Kolikoro, near the Bamako, in which more than 850 German soldiers are stationed, two Malian soldiers were killed and three others injured. The attackers used rocket launchers, handguns and explosive-laden cars.

• A few days later, on 28th Frebruary, rebels attacked another MINUSMA base in Ber, 60 kilometers east of Timbuktu, in central Mali, killing at least two members of the army and injuring others. On the same day, a military convoy unleashed an improvised explosive device, leading to the liquidation of four Togolese soldiers.

This never-ending wave of actions and attacks makes it clear that the Malian people are not going to get themselves bogged down by the imperialists and their lackeys. As long as the French semi-colony is not really free there will be resistance. And real freedom is not possible in class society.