In the recent weeks several hundred residents of shanty towns of Cape Town occupied unused land and erected provisional settlements. The last days also combative protests and confiscations of grocery took place.

According to the South African news agency “Eyewitness News” more than 5.000 structures were build up by the people in the outskirts of Cape Town in the last two weeks of the overproduction crisis as a part of the general crisis of imperialism. The most of the structures were demolished by the reactionary state after the violent eviction of the residents. The reaction exposes these people as criminals and call them land invaders to defame the justified actions of the people.

But more and more protest is forming against this action of the state. Last weekend and the following days people gathered to the streets in several shanty towns of Cape Town to denounce the state and demand their right to live. During the combative protests police forces were attacked and barricades were erected. Some shops were also attacked and looted by the masses and buildings of the state and a bus were set to fire. Also a car of Eskom a South African electricity public utility were attacked with stones.

In reaction to the rebellion of the people the Western Cape policedeployed reinforcements in the area.

Fiery clashes force Eskom to pull out of Khayelitsha


Cape Town - 150824 - Langa backyarders and residents took to the streets burning tyres, couches, beds and anything combustible they could find in protest against housing waiting list irregularities. They claim people new to the area have been getting houses even though they have been on the housing list for a long time. Reporter: Porchia Olifant Picture: David Ritchie

Police bring in reinforcements as Cape Town buckles under land ...