In the following we want to give a short overview of the mass struggles and combative protests of the recent week in South Africa.



In the third week of July municipal workers of the city of Tschwane (Pretoria) went to strike and gathered in the streets, chanting Struggle songs to demand the payment of so called „benchmark-payments“.


Watch: Samwu workers storm Pretoria CBD over alleged payment issues


During the combative demonstrations the workers erected barricades, set trucks to fire and fought the reactionary security forces of the state, which took excessive use in rubber bullets. The protesters also damaged and destroyed several hydants and water pipes, floating parts of the city.


Samwu protest sees pandemonium in Pretoria CBD



 On July 21, working masses stormed the Tshwane House, where the Headquarters & Council Chamber is located and caused damage.





In Cape Town the struggle of the masses for the use of land, we reported about recently, continues. In several parts of the metropolis the people take part in protests and block roads, beside other combative actions.


On August 06, protests for the electricity supply in the Siyangena informal settlement took place. Protesters set tyres and a Golden Arrow bus, Golden Arrow Bus Services is the largest public transport company in Cape Town.


At least 11 people arrested in Phillippi following violent protests - SABC  News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of  all South African current events. Africa's news leader.



 In another demonstration, in the neighbourhood of Hout Bay dozens of women gathered near the police station demanding better “employment opportunities from the City of Cape Town”. The protesting women also burnt tyres and rubbers.




On August 01, police forces tried to evict and tear down another informal settlement, build on private land in the neighbourhood of Kraaifontein in Cape Town. “Law enforcement came under heavy attack from protesters, numbering around 2,000. Protesters moved from Marula Road, but officers removed them from the area. Protesters also set fire to the Tygerberg racetrack and removed the zinc roof.” There are also reports of a police vehicle got petrol bombed.


kraaifontein protest

A crowd had attacked a City vehicle that was parke



 A few days before a truck of Africa's largest food retailer “Shoprite” where attacked with Molotov Cocktails during in the neighbourhood of Mfuleni, Cape Town, during combative protest.