On June 25, 2021, 12 Bundeswehr soldiers were injured by a car bomb in Mali, three of them seriously. The crocodile tears of the press and politicians about the alleged meanness of this attack are directly linked to the demand to finally equip the Bundeswehr with killer drones so that it can properly fulfill its tasks. "Core task" of the Bundeswehr here is "monitoring the ceasefire between the Malian parties to the conflict."

With such claims, politicians and the media are now again outdoing themselves in their mendacity about the purposes of their mercenaries. For such a ceasefire is not the absence of violence. If there is a ceasefire in a relationship of oppression, then only the oppressors are wielding the guns. So it is in Mali, where the Bundeswehr and other imperialist troops are in the country to protect the hated lackey government against popular resistance. Patrols of the Bundeswehr, like the one attacked, patrol with the Malian army and thus naturally become an enemy image of the masses. In league with the imperialists, the Malian state is the cause of the country's lack of development. The state's finances disappear into the pockets of politicians, civil servants and high military officials who compete for power in the state.

Proteste gegen Imperialisten Mali

French imperialism, in particular, keeps this political establishment in power in order to further its interests in the country (free movement of capital and goods; political subjugation). Mali is seen as an "anchor of stability" over whose control the entire region can be dominated. "At demonstrations, protesters often hold up signs saying "France, take off,"" even the state friendly Tagesschau has to admit, which believes the Bundeswehr is on a mission of solidarity with France. The broad population, which is rebelling against the lack of development under partly reactionary leadership, is being held down by the military. The latter, in turn, holds out its hand to local small farmers and terrorizes them when they don't put up with it: "Alioune Tine, a Senegalese independent human rights expert, recorded over 200 extrajudicial killings in 2020." This is the peace the Bundeswehr wants to secure in Mali.