We publish this report from a friend in Barmbek on the events of 28 July 2017.

On Friday, a human was killed in the Edeka on the Fuhle. Just like that, in bright daylight. A person whose application for asylum got rejected, who, as the Bild puts it is "psychologically unstable," goes to the supermarket, takes a knife out of the shelf and stabs the next person. These are all the informations available so far. A foreigner, an Arab, kills someone in Hamburg.

But what the newspapers, the Mopo up front make out of this right now, is totally far fetched. Even if it is true that the allegedly shouted Allahu Akbar, what is this supposed to prove? A person who comes from Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, what the newspapers are writing now, or is Palestinian, how likely is this man Muslim and using this essential slogan? This is exactly the same as the gibberish that "IS symbols" have been found in the case of arrested "terrorists". What is this supposed to be? The creed? The seal of Mohammed, which the IS uses as a flag? The thing is printed on every Koran.

Then you also have to look at how the IS acts usually. Or better, where. Or the other way around, one must first know, where in Hamburg that happened. Barmbek, this is a working class neighbourhood. It was a stronghold of Communists in the City when the KPD still was around. Barmbek, and Altona, those were the red quarters. This is obviously no longer like that. And it is no longer a total working class neighbourhood, since the city strongly works on the complete rebuild of the Fuhle so no worker can afford to live here. But there are still many colleagues, many friends who came here from abroad (or their parents did). The streets here are full of stickers from the Antifa-Kids, some neighbours also have Antifa-flags or Refugees Welcome flags or posters or something else hanging on the balcony or in the window. The fucking fascists, who have opened their damn shop in the Fuhle, have no quiet day, and even if they try to put up their shit here, it does not last long. You go to the baker here in the morning, and he has posters against the fascist shop in the window. This is not a chic area, like the one where the IS has been shooting people in Paris or Brussels.

And now someone runs around, stabs people, (allegedly) shouts Allahu Akbar and is supposed to be an Islamist (whatever that is). Five minutes after he was casually shopping there. This does not fit at all. It makes much more sense that the guy was done. He escapes of I do not know what to Europe, has nothing, also has any mental problems, and is then to be deported. He is so done that the seriously goes to the authorities himself and asks when he will get the papers with which he is then going to be deported. On the same day, he goes to Edeka later. And he is not alone with such a situation. In Hamburg alone, there were over a dozen suicide attempts by asylum seekers in summer 2016. You never hear anything like that. But that is what people do otherwise that are done. The guy has now done differently. At the moment he is done he wants to fight somehow. Runs into the Edeka, grabs a knife attacks any of the people who, in his opinion, are guilty of the shit he's stuck in. Of course he does hit the right one. And additionally, for now he is also not deported.

But this is not how an IS fighter goes around. He tries to run away. And he has to, it is something different, to do something like this in a neighbourhood like Barmbek. The workers take care of this themselves. The Bild has a good video of how they handle him. Shit like this will not happen here. Of course Merkel now blabbers about such a crap as "civil courage", which they always preach. Such a nonsense. This should actually be the most normal thing in the world, that workers stand together and fight. This is something different than any petty bourgeois who keep their mouth shut, when they have something to lose themselves, or could get hit. But this is also seen in the video, the guy does not fight at all. He does not go on till the end. That is not a convinced IS-fighter. He did not go there with the plan of killing infidels and die for his beliefs. People are simply driven by capitalism to do something like that. They have nothing left, they have no more hope, and they see how people live here in luxury from their standpoint. Then the last chance to have some of what you have here is taken from them as well...

Additions by the editors: the video of which is written in the text can be found here. A report on asylum seekers in Hamburg, who have tried to kill themselves, is available in the Welt, for example.
“Fuhle” is the Name of the Street where the Events took place, “Edeka” is the name of the Supermarket. “Bild” and “Mopo” are Newspapers for whole Germany respectively Hamurg.