The comrades at Tjen Folket Media has shared that actions for the day of heroism were conducted in Trondheim and Gudbrandsdalen, which they have received late.

In the course of a road construction and housing project, a neighbourhood inhabited by Palestinians is to be destroyed in the Istanbul suburb of Basakşehir. After five houses were already forcibly demolished last year, the local government has been starting to prepare a complete demolition of the houses and buildings for a few days now, with intimidation, harassment and threats against the Palestinians living there by dispatched police teams, in order to start the new construction project.

In the context of the protests by Palestinians and supporters all over the FRG against Israel's attacks against Palestine in the recent past, the debate about an alleged anti-Semitism linked to the protests developed again in the FRG.


"No justice without police, stop the laxity!"


It's been almost a month now, but still it's worth taking a belated look at one of the biggest performances of the French police in recent years and the spin around it:

We document here a picture of a graffiti that was painted in honor of comrade Kaypakkaya. The picture was sent to us.

In France, the first round of regional and departmental elections is due on the 20th of June.

In Freiburg, various revolutionary and progressive organizations held a rally in the working-class district of Weingarten on the eve of May Day. Under the slogan "Against the state of emergency and crisis!" about 50 people gathered on the forecourt of the local shopping center, among them a contingent of proletarian revolutionaries.

In Bremen there was a solidarity presentation on the current situation of the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil. Besides general information, special attention was given to the offensive of the old Brazilian state against the peasants in Rondônia in Camp Manoel Ribeiro.