The Celtic Park of the Scottish football club Celtic Glasgow periodically shines in the colours of the flag of the Palestine National Liberation Movement. The fans of Celtic Glasgow embrace an anti-fascist and anti-imperialist stance and support the struggle of the Palestinian people with impressive choreographies at their football club's matches. In the current situation, the fans took up this issue again in particular and showed all the more Palestinian flags in the stadium. For this, the Green Brigade - Celtic's largest fan group - has now been banned from the stadium.

Unfortunately, there are no left-wing fan groups that organise similar actions here in Germany and use the big stage of football to support the Palestinian struggle. Instead, messages are often spread in the stadiums in Germany that support the aggressor and denounce progressive and anti-imperialist positions. This is what happened at a match of FC. St. Pauli. St. Pauli fans held up a banner accusing the Celtic fans of anti-Semitism because of their choreography. Both fan camps actually cultivated a fan friendship, which may have ended with this action. But the Celtic fans were not long in coming up with a very fitting response:. So we want to share a picture here that the Glasgow fans have published to spread the message:

 celticGlasgow FreeHamburgfromHipsters


...And the St Pauli fans before that:

st pauli fans banner responding to international fan groups v0 zl4dwnavelxb1