On march 28th, in Bergen, Kampkomiteen (The Struggle Committee), together with Sosialistisk Ungdom and Revolutionære Kommunister, organised a protest against the Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) under tha slogan: ”The Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples i Mexico!”.

In France, fierce struggles and mass mobilizations of the working class and the people are currently taking place against the pension "reform" imposed by President Macron by decree. This "reform" is intended to force the masses in France to work two years longer and to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

We publish a joint statement signed by communist organizations from Scandinavia.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Northern Europe:

A joint statement from organisations of the Nordic Countries of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway against Swedish and Finnish NATO membership has been shared by comrades on Punalippu. The joint statement has been signed by the Communist League of Sweden, the Anti-imperialist League (Finland), Anti-Imperialist Collective (Denmark) and Red Front (Norway).


On Friday, January 27th, the 105th anniversary of the Finnish Worker’s Revolution was celebrated.

On 19.01.2023, the wheels in France came to a standstill. Buses and trains did not run, schools, kindergartens and hospitals remained closed in many places, factories too. Up to two million people went on strike last Thursday, taking to the country's streets to demonstrate against the reactionary pension reform that the current government around President Macron is trying to push through. The French government plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 - an attack on the working class of France that is falling on deaf ears among working people and causing enormous resistance.

On their website, the comrades of Sol Rojo from Mexico yesterday expressed their solidarity with the activists in Lützerath in a message, of which a delegation was in Mexico last year. We document below an unofficial translation:



Comrades from Socialist Revolution have published a report over an action, carried out in Copenhagen in occasion of the founding of the International Communist League. Dazibaos were put up around in proletarian neighbourhoods. The dazibaos propagates the the founding of the ICL and has sections of the announcement translated into Danish written on them.