On march 28th, in Bergen, Kampkomiteen (The Struggle Committee), together with Sosialistisk Ungdom and Revolutionære Kommunister, organised a protest against the Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) under tha slogan: ”The Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples i Mexico!”.

A speech that condemned the CIIT and Yankee-imperialism, and which also told about the people’s struggle in Mexico, was held.

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A meeting about the CIIT was also organised in Oslo on April 5th by Kampkomiteen to inform people about the struggle in Mexico. Many activists participated.

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Our comrades from Punalippu report that in Tampere the revolutionaries had unanimously decided to take the stand of the election boycott, as every true revolutionary does in the era of the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution. Punalippu has published a report of actions that have been carried out in relation to the election boycott-campaign.

On several days the revolutionaries went to proletarian neighbourhoods and talked to the masses, distributing leaflets for the election boycott. Apart from individual reactionary elements, mainly affiliated with bourgeois parliamentary parties, the leaflets were met with enthusiasm from the masses and also groups who expressed interest in joining the revolutionary work in Finland.

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Several electoral posters were also sabotaged.

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Punalippu reports that the election boycott campaign was a success in every way and shows that there is plenty of demand for a revolutionary movement in Finland.


Comrades from Socialist Revolution reports that a dazibao was put up by activists in the proletarian neighbourhood of ”Mjølnerparken” against the reactionary ”ghetto-law” with the slogan reading ”Down with the ”Ghetto-Law”! Defend Mjølnerparken!”.

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Another dazibao was also put up in the city center of Aalborg mobilising for the 1st of May. The dazibao slogan reads ”To the streets on May 1st! Down with the imperialist war! Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!”

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