Northern Europe:

A joint statement from organisations of the Nordic Countries of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway against Swedish and Finnish NATO membership has been shared by comrades on Punalippu. The joint statement has been signed by the Communist League of Sweden, the Anti-imperialist League (Finland), Anti-Imperialist Collective (Denmark) and Red Front (Norway).

Read the joint statement here.


A protest was organised by activists in support of the poor peasants of Brazil. Acticists protested outside the Brazilian Embassy.

Civilian cops were present at the embassy too, who upon seeing the activists immidiately called for reinforcements. However the police could not prevent the protest from taking place.

There was a lot of slogans and speeches. A Brazilian journalist also appeared as well as embassy staff who wanted to ”report home”.

The following slogans were shouted:

”Stop massacring poor farmers!”, ”What's that! A genocidal state!”, ”Long live the student occupations!”, ”Long live LCP!”.

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Comrades from the Communist League of Sweden reports on multiple actions that has been carried out:

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During the winter multiple actions for the International Communist League has been carried out:

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“Unite under Maoism!”

Se3 210223

“Unite under Maoism!”

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“Unite under Maoism!”

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“Study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Struggle in mass struggle! Participate in actions! Organise in the Communist League! Construct a Maoist Communist Party! For a Socialist Revolution!”


In Kristiansand Kampkomiteen organised a markation in solidarity with the struggle of the Sami People together with the organisations: ”Solidaritet med romer og romani”, “Latin-Amerikagruppene”, “NKP Agder og Telemark”, “Kristiansand MDG”, “Lindesnes SV” og “Antirasistisk Agder”. Speeches about the struggle of the Sami People were held and against the attemps of assimilation by the Norwegian State, their colonisations and exploitation of the nature of Sápmi.

A presentation about Elsa Laula Renberg was held. She was an organiser and activist and a prominent Sami Woman, who struggled against the Norwegian colonialisation of the Sami People. She was leading the Sami national meeting of February 6th 1917, which in 1992 was established as the National Day of the Sami People.

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On Thursday, February 2nd activists from Kampkomiteen distributed leaflets against Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Leaflets were distributed in Trondheim center, where many recieved the leaflets and agreed upon the slogan ”Down with the war and the increased prices!”.

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In Stjørdal posters were put up for a demonstration against the war and price increases. The demonstration is to take place on Froday 24th of February 17:00 in the square of Trondheim.

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Comrades from Tjen Folket Media reports that Kampkomiteen has organised a protest in support of the poor peasants of Brazil and Mexico. The protest took place in Oslo and condemned the massacre carried out against the poor peasants in Brazil and the repression against the People of Mexico.

Chants like “Long live the Liga Camponeses Pobres – LCP!”, “Long live Corriente del Pueblo – Sol Rojo!” and the LCP slogan: “Un, dos, tres, quatro cinco mil, avanza a Liga a todo Brasil!” were chanted by the revolutionaries.

Furthermore the protest highlighted the importance of international solidarity: “We must never close our eyes and be sitting ducks when our comrades face repression, we must always do what we can to support our comrades and condemn the terror against the people done by the reaction.”

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Kampkomiteen is mobilising for a demonstration against the economic crisis and Russias war of aggression on February 24th, the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Posters mobilising for the demonstration has also been put up as well as leaflets distributed.

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For more information:

Tjen Folket Media reports on multiple actions, that has been carried out in Bergen against the imperialist war and the increase in prices, for the International Communist League and in solidarity with the comrades of Corriente del Pueble Sol Rojo:

Dazibaos against the war and price increases were put up in Danmarksplass. The slogans read “Down with the imperialist war! Combat the increased prices!”:

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Another dazibao with the slogan reading “Let the capitalists pay for its own crisis!”:

No5 210223

Under Florida station a slogan in support of the ICL was painted. The slogans reads: “Long live the International Communist League – ICL!”:

No6 210223

A mural at Danmarksplass was painted in supprt of Ernesto Sernas Garcia, who was disappeared in Mexico. The slogans read “Present dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive!” in both Norwegian and Spanish:

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Protests were held indeont of both the embassies of Brazil and Mexico by the Anti-Imperialist Collective.

Leaflets codemning the massacres against the Mexican People and poor peasants of Brazil were distributed and also given to the embassies.

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Activists report that an owner of a big Brazilian Agrarian company walked by and recieved a leaflet. He was shocked when he recognised the slogans supporting the LCP and to find that the LCP and Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo also has support in Denmark.

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A banner was also put up in a proletarian neighbourhood in Copenhagen, condemning the massacre committed in Rondônia.

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Read the full report of the action here:

Poster on the occasion of the founding of the ICL and aginst the war mongering government and militarisation was also put up around Copenhagen:

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A banner in Aalborg in support of the poor peasants of Brazil was also put up infront of the Aalborg Central Station.

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