Against the Holiday of German imperialism, October 3rd, the “League against the State of Emergency and the Police State” mobilized this year to a demonstration in Hamburg. The demonstration was against police state tendencies that have been developing particularly in the last months of the “Corona State of Emergency”. To protest, about 300 people gathered in front of the Rote Flora on that day.

Since 20th September 2020, a lot of protests and riots started in Madrid. Especially in South Madrid, the masses took the streets for their protest. The reason for all of this are new Covid19 legislation, restricting movement particularly in the proletarian neighbourhoods. Rich quarters are not affected

In Freiburg, racist police checks have repeatedly occurred in recent months, with the cops repeatedly using excessive force when those affected resisted. At the beginning of August, a man was checked by the police after he had taken his son to the daycare center.

After the yellow vest protests started again in France and the masses took to the streets fighting against the bourgeois state and its state of emergency, the French police now want to bring new guns to bear. For years the police used armoured vehicles, which had been in use since the 1970s and recently even more so. These were suitable, for example, for clearing barricades. However, as they were getting on in years and the market did not offer anything that met the requirements, they were renovated and old army stocks were used. A very expensive affair, the renovation, which only prolongs the operational capability by 10 years, costs around 300,000 Euros, but a new acquisition "only" 700,00 Euros. Now, within the framework of the new finance law 2021, which still has to be passed by parliament, it has been decided that the budget for the mission "Security“ will be increased by one billion euros to 13.9 billion euros. This will allow the mobile police to buy 89 new armoured vehicles for about 65 million euro. By 2030, the number of light armoured police vehicles will be increased to almost 1000.

Apart from new vehicles that meet today's requirements, the police in France also like to use so-called LBDs, rubber bullets, which among other things caused the death of one person in 2010. While the police want to get rid of disruptive demonstrators with their tanks, resistance to their weapons is prohibited, however, a "violent gesture", as a yellow vest protestor recently experienced. After a cop aimed his LBD at him at close range and the protestor quickly pushed the gun away, he was now sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 250 Euros. Militarisation is advancing in France and anyone who resists is condemned.

In forests in Romania, both state and privately owned, the trees are being over-exploited.

We hereby report on some developments of class struggle and the political situation in the various Nordic Countries.

On Monday another anti-fascist was sentenced in the trials of "Basel Nazifrei". On November 24, 2018, the revolutionary movement and fighting masses had taken to the streets and blocked a demonstration of the fascist "Party of Nationally Oriented Swiss" (PNOS).

Several protests have taken place in France over the past few days and weeks.

Already on 5th of September, 200 people gathered in Caen to protest against the eviction of another house, which is the ninth house to be evacuated by the prefecture in the area. The house was mainly inhabited by people without papers.