On August 9th a demonstration was held in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people, after the attack on Gaza by Israel, where 44 people were killed, including 15 children and where 360 were wounded, among them 151 children. The demonstration took place in front of the Israeli embassy in Oslo, which was strictly guarded by the police. Even though the demonstration was organised at a short notice, many people showed up, a lot waved Palestinian flags, held pictures of the ones as well as white roses. Speeches were held and at the end of the official programme of the demonstration a minutes of silence was held.


Comrades from ”Indiensolidaritet” marked the International Day of Action in support of the People’s War in India.

A protest was organised infront of the Indian Embassy in Stockholm. The anti-imperialist revolutionaries held a banner with the slogan ”Protestera mot den indiska statens krig mot folket!” (protest against the Indian state’s war on the people!)

Recent weeks have seen a spike in labor struggles in the Great Britain. About 40,000 people went on strike last Wednesday following the call of Rail, Maritime and Transport union RMT targeting the Rail companies that failed to comply to the demands of its workers as they are facing the highest inflation in 40 years with 9.4%. On last week's Friday and this week's Monday workers – from engineers to call center agents - at telecommunication monopolies British Telecommunications and Openreach also lay down their work. This however is only the tip of the iceberg of what is to hit GB later this month.


On 9th of July on the anti-imperialists around Norway carried out actions in solidarity with the Indian People’s War.

Oslo: a demonstration took place in front of the Indian embassy in Oslo. Speeches were held and powerful slogans were chanted like ”Up the international solidarity!”, ”Long live the struggle for new democracy – we will see Saibaba free!”, ”Struggle against the crisis and repression – emancipation demands revolution!”.

On Sunday 19 June 2022, France held elections for a new parliament. The result is remarkable in two respects in particular. Firstly, only just over 40 per cent of French people went to the polls and cast a vote. This means that not even half of the people in France still have confidence in parliament and have realised that no bourgeois party meets their interests. Secondly, President Emmanuel Macron's party lost its absolute majority in parliament. His party "En Marche", together with the electoral alliance "Ensemble", received only 245 seats in the election, which corresponds to a good 38 percent.

We hereby share a document by our comrades of Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland that we think is worth reading:

Belgium was paralysed by a nationwide general strike in the public sector on Tuesday 31 May. The unions had called the strike to protest against the enormously rising cost of living. The demands were thus for more staff, higher pensions, more investment in the public sector, help to cope with inflation, less workload and, above all, better pay.


Students in Greece have been fighting for over a year against a law passed by the reactionary government to station cops on university campuses. The law states that up to 1000 guards may be deployed on university campuses. These guards are to be directly subordinated to the police.