Students in Greece have been fighting for over a year against a law passed by the reactionary government to station cops on university campuses. The law states that up to 1000 guards may be deployed on university campuses. These guards are to be directly subordinated to the police.


Revolutionary Socialist Republicans from Dublin have placed a banner against the extradition of Liam Campbell on the James Connolly statue.

Denmark: Demonstration in support of the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people.

(An unofficial translation of the report from

In addition to the activities from Helsinki in the previous Nordic Report, there have been reports released on the First of May in Tampere. In weeks up til the First of May, posters were hanged against NATO and Nordic military co-operation with the slogans from the joint Finnish-Norwegian statement, as well as posters mobilising for the First of May.


A series of demonstrations were held in Sweden by the Danish fascist Rasmus Paludan, who gained notoriety for his infamous Quran burning demonstrations, aimed to harass and provoke masses from oppressed nations, mainly aimed at those of Muslim faith. These were previously held in Denmark, but have now been exported to Sweden. The masses from the proletarian neighborhoods have fought fiercely at these occasions, that has sparked rebellions that take aims at the police and other bourgeois institutions.

We publish the statement on the day of Palestinian political prisoners of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah published on

Dear comrades and friends,

Celebrating today, through your gathering here, the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner or the International Day of the Revolutionary Prisoner is certainly not only to express our unwavering solidarity with our comrades imprisoned in Zionist jails or in the jails of fascism in Turkey or elsewhere around the world; it is not only to support with all our strength their just demands and thereby salute the current mobilization around the open-ended hunger strike of our two dear comrades Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yildirim, which began over 110 days ago. The celebration of the “Day of the Palestinian Prisoner” or the “International Day of the Revolutionary Prisoner” is intended above all Comrades, to affirm our strong determination to liberate our comrades from the grips of the criminal jailers.

Norway and Finland

On the 31. of march proletarian revolutionaries in Finland and Norway made a united action against the imperialist invasion of Ukraine, with the slogans published on

We reproduce here an unofficial translation of a short article from the website from Denmark.

We have received documentation that leaflets of the Anti-Imperialist Collective, against the imperialist war and price increases, are being distributed in proletarian neighborhoods.