This week yet again another series of major police operations took place all over Northrine-Westphalia. This time for the reason of enforcing the Corona-Measures issues by the Government. Under the direction of the Ministry of Transportation the Central Train Stations in Bielefeld, Siegen, Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and Munster were occupied this Monday by joint action groups of the Federal Police, the Public Order Office and Deutsche Bahn in order to enforce the “mandatory mask-wearing”.

With the imposed state of emergency the bourgeoise state achieved that protests like the yellow vests were limited provisional. Now the police uses the time to push forward the militarization of the of the society. So there was a action by police in Mâon where they practiced concretly the mission for demonstrations. Therefore the police came extra to the city and put on protection uniforms on the children and supplied them with shields and batons to teach them technics of the police for fighting demonstrations.

“One hundred years ago, Germany nearly became communist.” This happy thought is the introduction of an article by the newspaper Tagesspiegel and is supposed to sound threatening.


Kristiansand. On 15.08, the so-called "Independence Party" held a manifestation to gather signatures in order to participate in elections. This party is a fascist party, and their so-called "criticism of religion" is just covered-up racism. The party was established by central members of the "Alliance" and "Stop Islamization of Norway", among whom several are convicted racists. These groups have contact to the fascists of the "Nordic Resistance Movement", ties to European fascist organizations and collaborate with the racist "Democrats" in Kristiansand. The Struggle Committee organized a demonstration against these fascists. Leaflets were distributed against the "Independence Party" together with water and face masks, and many stickers with the text "Nazi Free Zone" were put up around the manifestation. The Struggle Committee writes: "During the demonstration, the activists did a good job shouting slogans and were positively received by people on the street. The fascists talked to almost nobody and got extremely few signatures. It didn't seem like they were even trying. They practically sat still and looked dull, and also used the time to play a few levels of Candy Crush. After an hour, the police left and asked us to end the demonstration, because they didn't have the resources to protect anymore. The "Good Cop Tactic" they have used during the last two demos cracked up today, since they allowed the fascists to stand for five hours and limited our demo to just one hour. This annoyed both demonstrators and passersby, and only confirms what we knew before, that the police is on the side of the fascists".

We have already reported on the series of fascists attacks in Neukölln, including that the solving of the attacks obiviosly was hindered by the police and justice system.

After the explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, 4th ofAugust, more than 150 people died and more than 5000 persons were injured, France's president Macron visited the country as the first. He promised financial support. But not without conditions. Macron would be committed to help the people in Lebanon, it would be an historical responsibility. Therefore he dictates what he demands from the Lebanese government: There has tobe a general political change. Further the corruption has to be fought by the government. An energy reform has to be enforced as well as the lack of transparency in the banking system has to be fought. France always stood side by side with Lebanon, he announced.

The Berlin Academy of Arts is currently displaying some of the work of the red artist John Heartfield, who should primarily be known for his avantgarde political photo-montage.

After the French president Emmanuel Macron and the Italian Prime-minister Guiseppe Conte already tried to work together in refugee politics in the EU for roughly two years, both countries now developed a new plan. For years both sides argue over the border of the places Ventimiglia (Italy) and Menton (France) where a lot of refugees try to get to France.