The Struggle Committees from Norway have released a video looking back at the activities of the Norwegian revolutionaries in 2022. We share herewith the video of the comrades who had a successful year 2022.

In his New Year's address, French President Macron announced a series of measures designed to address the crisis in the interests of the ruling class. Macron had already announced in 2017 that he would raise the retirement age by three years to 65. These measures are intended to close a deficit of 12 billion euros in pension funds. However, the plans for such an increase had led to weeks of protests and strikes, which is why they were not initially pushed through.
Now, however, the French president wants to do the job properly and has announced that this "pension reform" will finally be introduced in the summer of 2023.
The extension of working time is to be accompanied by other measures affecting unemployment insurance and the basic RSA insurance. The unemployment benefit is to be made dependent in the future on the unemployment rate and to decrease by up to 40% if it lies under 6%. In general, the duration of benefits is to be shortened. Basic benefits are to be tied to 15-20 hours of work per week, initially in some regions.
As part of a "training reform," trainees are to have a longer practical training period combined with shorter school times in the future. In concrete terms, this means cheaper labor for the bosses with poorer quality training.
The French unions announced protests against these measures, especially against the "pension reform". Closing the deficits in the pension fund should not be a problem, since 157 billion was loosened up for large companies in the Corona pandemic. Already in his last term, Macron faced the Yellow Vest movement, which fought resolutely against his policies in the streets. The French masses have certainly not forgotten these successful struggles.

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Comrades from Tjen Folket Media report that multiple actions have been carried out around the country to mark the foundation of the International Communist League.


On 23 December 2022, a suspected French fascist carried out an armed attack on the Ahmet Kaya Kurdish cultural centre in Paris, killing three people and injuring three others, some seriously.


Yankee-imperialism has recently signed a contract with the Greenlandic business “Inuksuk”for a value at around 3.8 billion Euros in the maintaining and modernisation of the Thule Airbase in Northern Greenland. With the melting of the arctic ice new sail routes are exposing themselves and the arctic region is playing an increasingly more important role for the imperialists. Russian imperialism has the largest coast exposed to the Arctic Sea and has a ”leap” so to say ahead of the US, who’s military doesn’t own ice breaker ships and who’s sole deep water military naval base in the arctic region can be found at Thule in Greenland. The US now seeks to increase its military presence in the Arctic Region, mainly serving its goal of encircling Russian imperialism.


Comrades from Punalippu report that a combatative anti-fascist demonstration has taken place.

The comrades write:

In many cities in Greece, big fights against the police developed once again on 06 December. Thousands of people gathered to commemorate Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by police 14 years ago when he was only 15 years old. Just one day earlier, 16-year-old Kostas Fragoulis was shot dead by Greek police in Thessaloniki for allegedly stealing 20 euros worth of petrol. Kostas Fragoulis was literally executed by being shot in the head from behind.

The Spanish comrades of the revolutionary newspaper Sevir el Pueblo report these days on numerous actions in different cities on the occasion of 25 November - the international day against violence against women. The comrades are politicising and mobilising with leaflets, banners, paintings and posters. Especially the slogans "Against patriarchal violence!" and "Proletarian feminism for communism!" are present in the comrades' propaganda.