At the end of January, actions were held in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria for the fallen combatants of the TKP/ML and the revolution in Turkey. In Liège, Belgium, the commemoration started with a minute of silence before the opening speech emphasised the necessity of revolutionary violence and there was a film screening and later musical performances.

In different cities of the Spanish state, posters, banners and dazibaos were hung and paintings were made. In the capital Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Malaga, among others, the Partido Comunista Maoísta carried out actions with the slogan "Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism". Here are some pictures of the actions:

On Thursday the 13th of January, about75% of all teachers across France took to the streets to protest against the current Corona rules in schools. With so many teachers taking part in the strike, about half of all schools nationwide remained closed. Students and parents also vented their anger at the demonstrations and supported the strike.

Everything has the stamp of a class, so also climate change and the so much propagated "climate protection". Both are an expression of the main contradiction on the world level, an expression of the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nations (within the imperialist countries: contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie). This is quite clearly shown by the example of Emissions Trading.


Unlike previous years, where the 25th of November has only been marked by smaller events in different places in Norway, the international day of action against violence against women this year has been marked in a powerful way in the country.

The so-called coalition agreement builds up the formal basis for the unity of the three parties forming the new government led by the SPD. This was presented to the public on 24 November after much secrecy.

Both the EU Commission and the German government, which is currently still in office, have come up with new plans for data retention that go far beyond what they had originally demanded.

Following last Saturdays culmination of the sinister plans of the Peruvian reaction – under the leadership of Yankee imperialism and in collusion with the capitulationist and liquidationist right-opportunist line - to kill Chairman Gonzalo, an immediate call for a joint demonstration taking place a week later went out. Following this call some 150 people came together, including some from other countries, this Saturday in Hamburg to hold high the banner raised by Chairman Gonzalo and to offensively repel all attempts of smudging his image, after he in his lifetime victoriously crushed all the plans of the reaction to do so.