On the 4th of August the Irish comrades of the Anti-imperilist Action Ireland dibstrubed thousands of newsletters.

On the 28th of July there was a spontaneous rally against the verdict in the TKP / ML trial in Berlin-Wedding.

This week in Aubervilliers, a suburb of Paris, a tent camp by refugees under a motorway bridge was evacuated by the police. The 1000 to 2000 people were placed in gyms according to the pigs. Since years illegal camps are built by migrants who don‘t get asylum in France, and in the same way those camps are evicted regulary.Politicians give the evictions a "humanitarian" touch; Karine Franclet, the major of Aubervilles, wants to end the „drastic situation“. Actually the masses fled into the camps because they did not get any other accommodiation. And the truth is that many are back out on the streets the same day again because they are sent away from their shelters. The French initial reception system stipulates for such placement a maximum of 10 days, after which the refugees are sent away and are supposedly able to apply for asylum.

We hereby publish a brief report on developments in the various Nordic countries in the recent week.

Past week, posters supporting the campaign against the extradition of comrade Liam Cambell surfaced in proletarian neighborhoods throughout the city of Freiburg and were also on display in the recently opened leftist locality of the city. Henceforth, we mirror some of the images that have been sent to us:

Saturday last week, about 100 people took part in a demonstration in Aachen to address the fascist networks within the police and to denounce racist police violence. This year there had been several scandals within the Aachen police because of very openly acting fascist cops.

The following report was sent to us by friends from Switzerland and we will gladly publish it:


In Basel, Switzerland, the repression by the old state intensifies more and more. The two most important examples in this matter are the persecution of Basel 18 and the sentencing of 15 of them, and the wave of repression against anti-fascists now concretizing itself, about which we reported before the beginning of the first trial and will certainly continue to report.

In Hamburg some Posters against the extradition of Liam Campbell were spotted. Among others at the Rote Flora and in front of the Jolly Roger Pub.