We received the following picture from Hamburg:

We publish an unofficial translation of a declaration from Galicia regarding the death of Comrade Xosé Portela:

The death of comrade Xosé Portela has been a very hard blow for our blog and for all the Maoists in Galiza. He always said that a communist had to be an agitator and that's how it was for more than 40 years. From Dazibao Rojo we want to show our humble homage to our comrade and express our most sincere condolences to his family, comrades and friends.

We publish a report from Irish comrades:

It was an honour for Anti Imperialist Action Ireland to organise and facilitate yesterday’s Stop the Extradition of Liam Campbell protest at the Lithuanian Embassy Dublin.

We hereby report on some developments in the Nordic countries since the Day of Heroism.

Here we publish a preliminary and unofficial translation from Galicia.

In the following we share a call for a demonstration in solidarity with Liam Campbell, an Irish Republican.

In the following we document a report about the demonstration for justice for Adel last Saturday (see another report published earlier on DVD) in Essen, which was uploaded to the website of the Infoladen Wuppertal:

Essen. Germany. June 20. 2020. The demonstration against racist police violence was banned in Essen today, only a stationary gathering was allowed. But despite the ban people started marching after the stationary gathering anyway. A report from Essen.

On Sunday, a manifestation gathered in support of the ongoing struggle in the USA and against racism in all countries. At the manifestation, a number of people showed up, standing with 2 meters between one another. When the manifestation was dissolved, the real protests of the day began.