The comrades at Tjen Folket Media has shared that actions for the day of heroism were conducted in Trondheim and Gudbrandsdalen, which they have received late.

It has been thoroughly revealed that the Norwegian police conducts police operations, through an “independent” association called the Norwegian Narcotics Police Association (Norges Narkotikapolitiforening). This association consists of police officers, receives millions of kroner in funding from the police, and police officers are allowed “volunteer” their time for work in the association during paid work hours, but the association itself it not organisationally part of the police.

Examples of work done through this association is, while wearing their police uniforms (although not conducting official police duties), telling bars and restaurants that if they want to receive an alcohol license, they have to agree to refuse service of patrons who wear “symbols for the legalisation of drugs”. Pursuant to this it can be mentioned that the police chief for the department of crime prevention in Agder, during the 2019 municipal elections, publicly stated support for the local municipalities who barred the youth wing of a liberal bourgeois party to campaign for the legalisation of drugs.

While the legalisation of recreational narcotics can hardly be considered a just cause, what is revealed very clearly though, is that the Norwegian state, with its polished facade, can exercise its bourgeois dictatorship outside its formal state structure, thereby evading potential liability and responsibility. Also how bankrupt parliamentarism is, that even when participating in the most legalist venue of propaganda and propelling the most liberal bourgeois ideas, several wings of the executive branch of the state openly oppose specific ideas. So if they disallow this, will they let revolutionary ideas go by unopposed?… of course not, so any revisionist proposing using the legalist or parliamentarian route is simply an embarrassment, just like the state of revisionism in Norway.

An interesting debate article was published in Aftenposten (05/07/2021), called “The Communist Party of China has celebrated its 100-year anniversary. Out of the picture is the murderous past of the party”. This article does not mentions the actions of the counterrevolutionary clique that took power after 1976, instead it attacks Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and socialism. It advocated that the most atrocious works of anti-communism, such as “The Black Book of Communism” should be mandatory reading at school.

The author of this article is a man by the name of Bernt Hagtvet, a professor of political science at the University of Oslo, specialising in studies of “totalitarianism”. His biggest wish is for Marxism to go out of existance, and his work shows that “totalitarianism” for him is just shorthand for dictatorship of the proletariat.

In 2011 when right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik killed 27 youths at Utøya, he wrote a feature drawing parallels to “left-wing extremism” and wrote about alleged connections between AKP-ML and RAF in the past, instead of condemning the fascist ideology spewed by the perpetrator of the attack. In fact his wife is at the board of organisation Fritt Ord (Free word), which was responsible for funding a book about Breivik, written by none other than Peder Jensen, who was one of the main sources of inspiration for Breiviks attack (he is quoted no less than 111 times in Breiviks manifesto).
A clear example of how the “free” and “scientific” research at the universities is channeled to be at the service of Norwegian imperialism.


The access to education is a growing problem in Sweden, with the recent liberalisation of the schools, notably that private schools can receive full fund allocations from the state. This means that the private schools almost exclusively have pupils with highly educated parents, almost half have parents from the highest income group, meanwhile the state schools mostly have pupils with parents with low education. So the pupils at state school, usually have less education from home and therefore require more time and resources to learn the same things at school, while the private schools receive the same per pupil funding from the state, while not facing the same challenges.

Now the organisation of teaching students are putting forth demands that education should not just be a privilege of the rich and the educated, and that for profit schools should receive no state funding, in fact a survey shows that 9 out of 10 in Sweden wish to abolish for profit schools, that take money meant for education should not line the pockets of stockholders, such as the case of the big chain of international schools that sprouted in many cities in Sweden.

Also at university, because the unemployment was very high for youths during the economic crisis that started in 2020, the government increased the number of slots available for applicants in the summer of 2020, but this did not help the fact that an even smaller proportion of students came from low education homes, in the group coming from families with no parents with university background the percentage enrolled fell from 26,8% in 2019 to 25,1% in 2020, that is quite a large development in just one year.