Comrades from Punaluppu have shared a declaration from the Maoist Committee in Finland for the International Day Against Violence Against Women (November 25th).

The decleration is titled ”PEOPLE’S WAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO LIBERATION!”

In the beginning of the declaration the comrades state:


On 17 November 2022, thousands demonstrated in the streets of the Greek capital Athens and in numerous other cities to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the student uprising against the military regime in 1973. The demonstrators marched through the city centre towards the US embassy, chanting slogans such as "The people dont want you!" and demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Greece. Greece was then, as it is now, an important base for the US army. Among the Greek people, however, the Yankee troops repeatedly meet with pure hatred, which is expressed again and again in large demonstrations all over the country. The most recent demonstration was in the spring of this year when it was decided to station more military equipment in Greece.


We share an article from the comrades of Socialistisk Revolution.

With the conclusion of the bourgeois parliamentary elections, it seems that the turn out was in favour of the Social Democrats, who now wishes to seek a government “across the middle”. What can we expect of this new government? The function of a new government like this will be the centralisation of power in favour of the executive branch of the state and even greater power to already the most powerful prime minister seen since the fascist occupation of 1940. The centralisation of power in the executive branch is something typically seen once a country starts to militarise, which is something the former government did and that the upcoming government for sure will continue to do. Our class can expect nothing positive from this new government. These representatives of the bourgeoisie will continue on with the greatest militarisation of the country seen since the Second World War, preparing to unleash new imperialist wars, whilst letting the oppressed countries, the people’s of the world and the proletariat of Denmark carry the cost of the militarisation and the crisis.



On November 4th revolutionary activists marked the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Norway, Before the markation posters were put up around Oslo with the slogans ”Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!” and ”NKP 99 years – Reconstitute the Communist Party of Norway!”.



Comrades of Tjen Folket Media reports on several activities the past few weeks.

On October 27th activists from Kampokiteen went out to distribute leaflets against violence against women and to mobilise for an open meeting and demonstration. The leaflets were distributed on the streets in Trondheim and many supported the leaflets.


Today, 1 November, the early parliamentary elections will take place in Denmark. Because of its handling during the Corona pandemic, the Social Democratic-led government around head of government Mette Frederiksen came under increasing criticism. The opposition used this opportunity to attack the government and to profit from the government crisis in Denmark. For this reason, the parliamentary elections have now been brought forward. Actually, they should have taken place in June 2023.


Tjen-Folket Media reports on actions carried out by Kampkomiteen in the past week.

In Bergen activists from Kampkomiten put up a banner on Lotheveien in the area of Gyldenpris/Solheim Nord i Bergen. The municipality owned flats there have stayed empty for yours because the municipality of Bergen has not done proper maintainence work on them. The area makes up the poorest in Bergen. Banners were put up against the increasing rent and cuts in healthcare.



Comrades From Tjen Folket Media reports that Kampkomiteen on October 8th in Kristiansand distributed leaflets against the increse in prices, and aginst that the working class has to pay the burden of the imperialist war and crisis.