In the Şişecam factory (bottle and glass production company) in Bursa, glass workers have started the economic struggle inside the factory as a result of the imposition of unpaid leave at the end of 2020 against some employees, while there are to be 64 new hires. In the first days of the unpaid leave, there were collective marches to the factory. For three months now, workers have consistently stopped working overtime.

At the latest since the debate about Charlie Hebdo, anti-Muslim racism is on the rise again in France. Many Muslims in France are poor, in 2015 they were2.5 times less likely to find a job.


The comrades at Punalippu (Red Flag) report that in the city of Tampere, the anniversary of the Finnish Revolution of 1918 was commemorated with the Red Flag at the grave of the comrades and posters were seen in Tampere with the text “Long live Red Finland!” and “Death to White Finland!”


For days now, there have been protests by students and pupils in various French cities.They are protesting against the measures imposed by the government, which are harming young people on many levels. For example, since September, schools in France have been left open without adequate health protection.


Kampkomiteen (The struggle committee) lead a demonstration in the town of Lillesand, close to Kristiansand. Why, because three daughters from a family of African background, experienced racist bullying and violence. The local school did not want to confront the problem and instead told the children to stay inside during breaks and were sent home by taxi.


Punalippu (Red Flag) reports that  proletarian revolutionaries made a spontaneous demonstration against fascists wanting to march on the 6. of December. A speech was held and leaflets distrubuted.




An action was seen in Greater Copenhagen with the slogans “Honor and Glory to Comrade Joselo!” and “Long live PCE-SR!”.