Propaganda "against fascism" on Russian (left) and Ukrainian (right) side


Dead soldiers, destroyed war machinery, the media in Ukraine, Germany and Europe are full of it. Numbers of losses of the enemy on the whole and individual documentations of victims on their own side. They describe in detail how many tanks and airplanes they have destroyed, how many soldiers of the enemy have fallen, but they are silent about their own losses, or at least they say that they are very small. Of course, every side does this in war, they just want to demoralize the enemy. The empathy for one's own cause is awakened by showing cruel pictures of the damage to the civilian population, how children and families or the soldiers of one's own people die and suffer.

In these times, i.e. the times of war, the media are naturally full of war propaganda. On Ukrainian TV channels we see military exercises or war operations of Ukrainian military with sophisticated weapons and pictures of wrecks and scrap of Russian war machines. Captured Russian soldiers talking about their tasks, orders and actions, in which they "openly" admit that they should kill civilians and children, because these are, as they say, fascists and children of fascists. People evacuated and wounded soldiers telling about their "heroic deeds". Strategic successes are touted, such as the death of General Vitali Gerrasimov of the 41st Russian Army, which is not confirmed by the Russian side. On almost every Ukrainian news portal is listed how much war machines of the Russian Army were destroyed and how many soldiers of the Russian Army were killed. On the other side, the Russian media, we see footage of Russians and Ukrainians from "liberated territories" showing gratitude to the Russian Army "which freed them from fascism". Alleged Ukraine secret attack plans on Donbass coming to light. And how much they tremble in Europe when they hear that Russia is turning off the gas tap.


Angaben zur Zahl gefallener Soldaten und zerstörter Kriegsausrüstung auf russischer Seite

Data on the number of fallen soldiers and destroyed war equipment on the Russian side


We must not be misled by their propaganda, it does not serve to educate us, but to obscure our view. All this propaganda only serves the warmongers of all sides to divide us, and above all to hate us brothers and sisters so much that we forget all our bonds and justified hate of our oppressors, and leave it easy for them to maintain their rule and exploit us to live and die for their interests. But we have nothing to gain from their wars; we do not want to kill our brothers and sisters. Their armies serve the oppression and suffering of the peoples and the proletariat. They realize that if we fight side by side against them, they have no chance, and therefore, and in order to fight their opponents, they want to stir us up against each other. We don't want to die for them and their interests. If we fight, only for the Red Flag!