Today, 06 April 2022, a general strike is taking place in Greece. Apart from the trade unions, revolutionary organisations have also called for the strike and mobilised massively.

The strike is mainly directed against the massively increasing prices and the crisis. Revolutionary organisations also put a special emphasis in their mobilisation on the imperialist war in Ukraine and the military bases of the Yankee imperialists on Greek territory.

According to the first reports of the bourgeois press, all branches and sectors in the whole country are paralysed. Public transport is at a standstill, hospitals are only treating emergencies, ports are not working, schools are empty and numerous other businesses have stopped work. 10,000 people are said to have been on the streets in Athens. In Thessaloniki there are said to have been 9,000.


There has also been fighting in the port of Thessaloniki KKE(m-l) wrote about this in a short press release on the afternoon of 06 April:

"The Thessaloniki organisation of KKE(m-l) condemns the police violence and arrests of PAME demonstrators today, Wednesday 6 April, at noon in the port of the city. 

The government of N.D. The continuation and strengthening of the country's policy to participate in NATO war plans, followed on the previous SYRIZA government, has turned the ports and railways of Northern Greece into war bases and transit routes for US-NATO-Europe oriented military equipment. 

We demand the release of the demonstrators and call on the people, workers and youth of Thessaloniki for anti-war and anti-imperialism mobilisations against the pro-war NATO plans and against Greece's participation in the imperialist NATO interventions. 



Party organisation of Thessaloniki 

KKE (μ-λ)" (Our translation)

After the arrests, hundreds showed solidarity with the arrested and militantly stood in the way of the police forces. A rally for the release of the arrested is planned for the evening.