We publish a joint statement signed by communist organizations from Scandinavia.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Against Swedish and Finnish NATO membership! For socialist revolution!

After the war of aggression by Russian imperialism against Ukraine started in February 24th, Swedish and Finnish imperialisms decided to join the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO is a tool of US imperialism – today the sole hegemonic superpower – for its hegemony, directed principally against the oppressed nations, conforming to the principal contradiction in the world, and secondarily it is characterized by the inter-imperialist contradictions, mainly against atomic superpower of Russian imperialism.

NATO has been waging and is waging wars of aggression against the oppressed nations all over the world. It has for example many on-going “peace-keeping” operations in Africa, and also it was used in the infamous war against Afghanistan (2001–2021) and in Yugoslavia in the 90s.

To understand the Swedish and Finnish NATO processes, we need to see the interests of US imperialism, that is, it needs to counter-act the Russian aggression in order to consolidate its gains in the so-called Eastern Europe after the collapse of Soviet social-imperialism in the beginning of 90s, and in this it is also in competition with its European NATO “allies”, especially German imperialism. On the other hand, US imperialism is shifting its focus to the East Asia to combat Chinese imperialism, trying to contain its aspirations, and for this the US needs a secure base in Europe. Hence it is US imperialism’s need to strengthen NATO’s “Eastern Flank” by incorporating Sweden and Finland.

But it is not against the will of these smaller imperialists. On the contrary, they are using the inter-imperialist competition among the bigger ones, and they too have their own interests in the Eastern Europe, especially in the Baltics.

Swedish and Finnish NATO membership will mean greater reactionarization and militarization of the old states, greater decay of imperialism, and greater sharpening of all the fundamental contradictions. Thus the objective conditions for revolution are even more ripe, emphasizing that revolution is the main tendency.

Therefore, for the Communists, it is not a question of defending the imperialistic and false “Nordic neutrality”, as the revisionists do, but to struggle for overthrowing the rotten imperialist order, which is essentially oppressive, reactionarizing and genocidal. This struggle today means the struggle for reconstituting the Communist Parties for socialist revolution through People’s War in service of World Revolution.

In this great and delayed task the Communists in Sweden and Finland have their eyes closely on the most advanced struggle in any NATO country, that is, the People’s War led by TKP/ML, following its mighty example and drawing inspiration from it.

Down with NATO, an imperialist alliance!

Long live revolution and the People’s War!

For the reconstitution of Communist Parties!

Communist League of Sweden
Anti-imperialist League, Finland
Anti-Imperialist Collective, Denmark
Red Front, Norway