Comrades from Tjen Folket Media report that a demonstration against the NATO top meeting and Jan Stoltenberg, the Norwegian General Secretary of NATO, took place in Oslo on May 31st. The demonstration was organised by the organisations ”Stop NATO” and ”The Peace Initiative”. Many other organisations like Rødt Oslo, Motmakt, Kampkomiteen, Internasjonal kvinneliga for fred and frihet, Fredsbevegelsen på Nesodden, Oslo SU, KPML, Oslo RU, NKP, Ungkommunistene, Antikrigsinitiativet and Kvinnefronten were also connected to the demonstration.

Multiple speeches were held about the militarisation of the Nordic countries bring about the threat of war and also how activists, putting anti-US posters up were threatened on open streets.

Multiple slogans like ”No to NATO-escalation – Russia out!”, ”Yankee go home!”, ”Libya Syria, Afghanistan – Jans Stoltenberg = a war criminal” and ”No to the North as an upmarch area for the US and NATO”.

A small group of provocatours with pro-NATO banners and signs, but when the activists tried to approached them to hear them out, the police came rolling in. There was a massive police presence in the center of Oslo, where they also harassed some of the anti-imperialist activists.

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An open meeting against NATO was also organised in Oslo the day before the demonstration. Food was grilled and revolutionary and anti-imperialist music was played. Activists talked to by-passers about the war in Ukraine, the imperialist ”alliance” of NATO and the need for a genuine anti-imperialist movement.

A workshop was also organised where posters for markations were produced. The slogans on the posters were directed against the North as an upmarch area for the US and NATO and also condemned Stoltenberg as a war criminal.

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In Kristiansand activists have put up posters in the city area of Vågsbygd and the neighbouring municipality of Vennesla. The posters were put up on the occasion of the 43rd Anniversary of the Initiation of the People’s War in Peru on May 17th as well as the 18th of May when it was 50 years since the murder of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.

Posters for the election boycutt were also put up.

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Posters were also put up in Oslo, mobilising for a demonstration against the inflation.

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Socialist Revolution reports that a dazibao was put up in the proletarian neighbourhood of Ishøj. The daziao, signed by Anti-imperialist Collective, has the slogans ”The communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya is immortal on the 50-year anniversary of his murder!” and ”Long live the People’s War in Turkey, Long live the TKP/ML, the People’s Army TiKKO, TMLGB!”.

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