Following the call to participate in a counter-demonstration some hundred people gathered in the finish town of Tampere last Saturday to oppose a rally partitioning for stricter immigration laws organized by the fascist Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). Outnumbering the fascists many times over and despite the deployment of heavily armed riot police the protesters were able to encircle the demonstration, delay their progress and, more then once, directly engage them.

tampere antifa1

Calling upon the “oppressed masses, casting away illusions and preparing for struggle” the mobilization for the counter-demonstration aimed at summoning a great combative contingent in order to confront the fascists in superior numbers on this day. Usually the fascists are free to move in the city and maintain a foothold there. Obviously anticipating confrontations and in the attempt of protecting the fascists demonstration against any attacks, heavily armed and even mounted police forces were deployed by the Finnish reaction against the protesters.

Still, the fascists were successfully hampered in their demonstration, their speeches overshadowed by loud slogans against them and they had to rely on the police to clear out their path, violently breaking through the ranks of the protesters.

tampere antifa2

tampere antifa3