On Saturday evening October 28th, the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution was celebrated in Oslo, in the proletarian neighbourhood Grønland.
On the central square a speech was held, while masked activists wore a banner with the slogan “From October 1917 till Today - All for the Proletarian Revolution!”. The goal of this manifestation was was to mark the Russian revolution in a militant manner, and emphasize the need for new revolutions today.

During the manifestation, security officers attempted to break in but were rejected before calling the police. The speech on the central square summed up the October Revolution and attacked the imperialism of the Norwegian state, the wars against poor countries, racism and oppression.
The manifestation was accompanied by applause and calling of slogans by the masses, some of them also masked themselves and joined the comrades. There was a leaflet handed out, discussions held and new contacts were made.

Red flares accompanied the slogans “Death to imperialism, peoples war until communism” and “USA, terrorist! Israel, terrorist! The Norwegian state, terrorist!” and agitation through megaphone.

The destination of the demonstration was the square dedicated to the communist poet Rudolf Nielsen. When it was reached, the police showed up and tried to arrest the comrade agitating with the megaphone. Afterwards the police arrested several people on the claim that the demonstration was illegal. Most of the comrades got released and were able to take part in the following activities including a concert.

We publish some images of the manifestation:

Oslo 1917 3
Oslo 1917 2
Oslo 1917 6
Oslo 1917 7
Oslo 1917 8