The October Revolution was an event, that changed the world and led to a new epoch, the epoch of Imperialism and Proletarian revolution (this epoch is the present until today, although it has developed further). Communists, revolutionaries, and progressive people all over the world celebrated this event, also in Croatia. The Crvena Akcija (Red Action Croatia) a revolutionary and antifascist organization from Croatia celebrated this event with a propaganda action in Zagreb (Capital of Croatia) where some of their members held a banner with the slogan “Živio crveni Oktobar!” (Long live red October). They published a photo of this action together with a text on their homepage we want to quote here.“Today is the hundredth anniversary of October Revolution, of an event that decisive shaped today's world. This wasn’t just a big battle on its own, but it was an symbolic moment at which the humiliated and oppressed, those that have nothing to lose but their chains overtook power for the first time in history.”

“The experiences of the historical socialism are behind us and in front of us is the task to bring the work of liberating the working class and to build the system up which goal at the end won’t be only the filling of private pockets, rather the fulfilling of the needs of society to an end."

croatia red october

Long live new red Octobers!”


In Italy an action was made in Rome: