Following the call to defend the accused and imprisoned in the TKP/ML trails and denouncing German imperialism, more than 100 people from various countries and organisations participated in the demonstration in front of the Munich court in which the trails are held since more then two and a half year now.

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The action took place on the 15th of December, which historically is an important month for the Turkish and International Communist Movement, as it is a month forever linked to the atrocities committed against political prisoners and the people over many years. To only name some: In December 1978 the massacre in Maras took place, killing 111 people and wounding more then 1000. On the 19th December of 2000 police and special forces stormed 22 rebellious prisons in Turkey, killing 28 political prisoners in the process. And in a bombardment in the December of 2011, close to the Turkish-Iraqi border, 34 were brutally murdered.

Since decades, German imperialism is aiding these efforts of the Turkish state to subdue and eradicate any form of resistance against the oppressive Turkish state and imperialism in general. While the German bourgeois press in the recent days again accused the AKP of terrorising the people (which of cause they do), there is no mentioned whatsoever of the illicit and illegal detentions of political activities from Turkey and the terror spread here in German. You don’t have to look to Turkey to see a government bending and breaking the own laws as it sees fit, you can have this right on your own doorstep in the FRG.

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In this regard, we want to share some translated excerpts of a declaration made by one of the accused – Müslüm Elma – one the day of the manifestation:

In your German constitution much is said about the already mentioned personal rights. But what is reflected in this court room is the opposite of it. Is this surprising? Of cause not, because it is so, that bourgeoisie and reactionary countries do not abide their own laws if deemed necessary. The laws layed down by them are disregarded […]

The interests of the ruling classes can never be combined with the interests of the oppressed peoples. But the ruling classes, at every occasion, repeat the lie, that their laws would serve the protection of the interests of the whole people. […]

Us, revolutionaries and socialists have not accepted these laws and will not accept them.