On the 7th of January up to 5000 people took part in the annual commemoration  of Oury Jalloh in Dessau. This year was the thirteenth year after the murder against Oury Jalloh in German police custody since 2005. Again the demonstration was not a pure memorial for the life that has been taken thirteen years ago. The demonstration – that not only was the strongest ever in terms of participant numbers – marked again and even stronger a signal in the struggle against the imperialist chauvinism of the FRG and its repressive organs, from police to justice, who since the day of the murder try to cover things up, justify and try to criminalise activists.

The demonstration put a mark in a time, in which the system of beastly imperialism goes towards its end and it bites harder and harder. In a time, when the German imperialism strives to develop into a superpower and is bringing more death and perdition into the oppressed countries of this world, in which it “imports” foreign workforce and puts them up for hunting for its fascists. In a time in which the German bourgeois State and its democracy go through a crisis that they never went through before and is without an elected government for months and only applies old solutions with the goal of “stability”. All this and also the latest revelations regarding the murder on Oury Jalloh, led to the strongest mobilisation for this annual demonstration.

Among them also was a strong anti-imperialist mobilisation by the proletarian revolutionaries of the FRG, that took part with a banner and the slogan “Oury Jalloh: murdered in German police custody. Down with German imperialism”. They denounced the German bourgeois State with the powerful slogan: “The true face of their democracy: mass murderers is what they are!” The day before a commemoration of Laye Conde took place in Bremen, who was murdered by the exact same day as Oury Jalloh by the police of Bremen through emetics. On this demonstration the murder of Oury Jalloh already was put on the table and on the same evening the movie “Panther” about the Black Panther Movement in the USA was presented in the Sielwallhaus, also mobilising for the demonstration the next day.
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But like everything else, this annual demonstration in Dessau also had its double character. While the blue-while reactionaries and fans of the terror State Israel lost much of their strength, the german-national gang of the right liquidators for the first time since their open appearance three years ago lifted their tail and were presumptuous to put a representative in the first rows of the demonstration. That is how it is on the world, where is a lot of movement, a lot of garbage is created. And the task of the proletarian revolutionaries is also, to get rid of this giant mountain of garbage. The struggle against the imperialist chauvinism as part of the imperialist world system and don't give German imperialism and his defenders any break will do its part.
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