As various sources reported yesterday, an attack against the Israeli consulate was carried out in the night from the 27th of February to the 28th of February in the french town of Marseilles. Smashing all the windows of the consulate, activists denounced the Zionist occupation of Palestine and demanded freedom for the political prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Arrested in 1984 and sentenced for life due to his acclaimed participation in actions of the FARL, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is imprisoned since more then 34 years in the dungeons of the french reaction. Even though he is 67 by now and has spend more then half his life in jail, the french reaction, closely collaborating with Yankee imperialism and the Zionist construct occupying Palestine, is keeping him locked up. For they know, that Abdallah is a symbol of commitment not to betray one’s path, not to make compromises with the reaction and of the unwavering support for the just struggle of the Palestine people against the occupation of their lands.

Hence, demanding Abdallah release, french activists attacked the Israeli consulate in Marseilles on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday by smashing in its windows. In a declaration send to and documented by french comrades, a picture of the hammer used (and which was reportedly also left behind) is depicted. On it, the slogans “Freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah” and “Group Pierre Oller” are written and two Hammer and Sickles drawn.

Attack Consulate 2