Yesterday, 2000 people went out on Hamburgs streets, marching in the demonstration „United we stand“. Amongst them, also the comrades of the League Against Imperialist Aggression, who took part with a strong contingent. The demonstration was organized to denounce the reactionary manhunt following the G20 summit and was called for also in reference to the „Day of the political prisoners“, which the German Red Aid celebrates annually on the 18th of March.

In the demonstration, the comrades of the League participated carrying the flags of various Turkish anti-imperialist organizations as well as the communist flag and shouting slogans. Above the block a banner was held high, showing the slogan “It’s right to rebel!” together with the Hammer and Sickle. Additionally banners demanding the release of political prisoner Musa Aşoğlu and against the criminalization of ATIK were carried.

Meanwhile, the reactionary witch hunt continues. On Thursday, one of Hamburgs newspapers reported: "In the context of the G20 riots, until now only protesters against the summit have been convicted, a number of 40 overall. The police still continues more then 3.300 investigative cases, from which 1420 have already been handed over to the state attorneys. 128 of those cases have been dropped.“ In the very same article, the paper also states that 118 cases against police officers were forwarded to the state attorneys. In those cases however, no one has been convicted since.

This demonstration was an important sign, that the different progressive and anti-imperialist forces stand together against the witch hunt campaign o the German Imperialist State. Instead of generating capitulation, the attacks only strengthen the determination of the revolutionaries.

United we stand image United we stand image United we stand image United we stand image United we stand image