We publish an english translation of this call of the Rote Ruhr Crew:

We support the call of the comrades of the Revolutionary Construction - FRG to support the struggle of the political prisoners in India and call to participate and to enfold the day of action to its fullest.

For decades the old Indian state is waging a ceaseless terror campaign against the broad and oppressed masses of India and the progressive and revolutionary forces, that lead them.

The country's bureaucratic bourgeoisie and its henchmen tried to drown every rebellion and revolt against the semi-colonial lackey of imperialism in blood, in order to maintain their order against the revolutionary resistance of the masses.

The poor and landless peasants, being displaced for profit of foreign companies or exploited by the landlords for their profit in semi-feudal conditions, the indigenous tribes of the country, driven from their land to the point of nonexistence by the Indian forestry authority and its reactionary militia, the oppressed women who are without rights against the institutionalized patriarchal power of the old society to which they are exposed every day, the millions and millions of workers, who either vegetate in the slums of the big cities or are forced to work for a starvation wage in the factories of foreign corporations and the members of the lower castes and casteless ones who are excluded and despised by the reactionary morality and religion, all suffer from the enormous oppression and repression which they meet every day.

This necessary struggle for the liberation of the people from the semi-feudal and semi-colonial conditions and against the sell-out of the land by the parasitic bourgeoisie is the task of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and its People's Liberation Guerrilla Army.

They wage the righteous People's War against the armed oppressors of the revolutionary classes and spread the new, red power on a daily basis from the villages of the deepest rainforest to the urban cities, with the goal of smashing the old society, to lead the anti-imperial and anti-colonial New Democratic revolution in alliance of the peasants and under the leadership of the working class to victory and to advance towards socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Because we are Maoists and because this people's war is the most developed class struggle on the globe, we want to express our proletarian-internationalist solidarity to the CPI (Maoist) and the masses who fight with them and uphold and defend their revolution and theory.

On April 23rd, the Nationwide Day of Action in Support of the Political Prisoners in India proclaimed by the Revolutionary Construction - FRG, we would like to draw attention to a particular aspect of this struggle, together with all others involved, and send our solidarity towards the imprisoned activists and fighters to the revolution in India.

This is why we struggle side by side with the comrades here as well as in India itself for the end of systematic torture in the prisons of the Indian reaction, for their recognition as a political and prisoners of war and the enforcement of their rights, such as the right to merge.

Join the day of action for the revolutionary prisoners of our class and the oppressed people and keep up their fight.

Long live the Communist Party of India (maoist) and the people's war they lead!
Long live the revolutionary fighters of the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army and the masses who fight with them!

Support the struggle of political prisoners in India!
Recognize the prisoners of war!
Support the People's War in India!