We report Actions, which were executed in several cities in six states of FRG in response of the call for a nationwide day of action on April 23th, the 49th founding day of the Communist Party of India (marxist-leninist), that were sent to us. We especially want to point out the actions of our comrades in France and Austria, that participated at this day of action.

Two paintings were put up in Marseille:

Marseille 2
“Freedom for Comrade Ajith”

Marseille 1
“Long live the People's War in India”


The comrades in Austria executed a massive campaign in five states, among others an action in front of the Indian embassy in Vienna, as well as information events held and propaganda spread. An extensive report can be found here.

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We also want to mention the publication of a document of the founder and chairman of the CPI(ML), which can be found on newepoch.media.

On another website, the document "Why Must We Form the Party Now?" of Charu Mazumdar from the founding year of the Party, from which the current CPI (maoist) stems, has been translated to German and published.

Other actions in the FRG have been a manifestation in front of the Indian embassy in Berlin, where several revolutionary groups took part. With speeches, amongst others about the situation of the political and prisoners of war and especially the role of women in the People's War in India, the situation of the people of India was reported. This was underlined with combative slogans like “Death to imperialism – People's War till communism”, “Long live the international solidarity” and “Solidarity means resistance  - fight fascism everywhere”.
Two graffiti, supporting the People's War and the CPI (maoist), were placed beforehand in different parts of Berlin.

In Bremen an unauthorised demonstration has been done in the peoples neighbourhood of Blockdieck. The demonstration, with shouting slogans like “Long live international Solidarity”, “Solidarity means resistance  - fight fascism everywhere”, “The true face of their democracy – mass murderers is what they are”, “Freedom for all political prisoners”, “Laal Salam”, “Solidarity means resistance  - fight fascism everywhere” and “I was, I am and I will be – the revolution will liberate humankind” was greeted combatively and supported by the masses in the neighbourhood.

In Essen, several paintings have been made. We quote from the declaration of the “Rote Ruhr Crew”: “That is why we put up paintings in the proletarian neighbourhood Essen-Huttrop, wich call for solidarity with the People's War in India (Support People's War in India).
The necessity of the Recognitiion of political prisoners and prisoners of wars was expressed in the slogans “Free G.N Saibaba”, “Recognize the Prisoners of war” and “Support the political Prisoners in India”.
To raise awareness for the genocidal policy of the Indian, reactionary government, this was followed by the slogan “Stop Operation Green Hunt”, which is against the campaign of terror against the deepest and broadest masses of the Indian people since 2009.
We especially thank the masses organised by us which took part in the actions.”
Apart from this, the comrades published a declaration, in which they mention current actions of the comrades in India and express a true class standpoint regarding proletarian internationalism.

In Hamburg for the nationwide day of action in solidarity of the People's War in India, a manifestation in front of the Indian consulate in Hamburg took place, where several revolutionary groups took part.Despite the petty bourgeois character of the area around the consulate, some leaflets were spread and a few passe[passanten] were interested and listened to the speeches held through a megaphone.

In Hanover two wall newspapers were put up with the slogans “Support the political prisoners in India” and “Support the People's War in India”. On the day of action some hundred leaflets were spread in proletarian neighbourhoods.

In Weimar a big painting with the Slogan “Smash Operation Green Hunt” was done, which also calls for support of the People's War in India.