Past weekend in several cities of Europe commemorative events for the six fallen Tikko combatants took place. In Stuttgart more than sixty people attended the activity of Partizan in the leftist Lilo Hermann Centrum.

Apart from many activists and sympathizers various different organizations from Turkey / Kurdistan attended the meeting to pay their salute to these fallen heroes of the peoples in Turkey. After the reading of the statements of the TKP/ML Central Committee and the Partizan Youth Initiative, speeches were given in the name of the People’s Front, the MLKP, the PKK, Halkın Günlüğü (a newspaper frequently publishing information on the MKP) and the Committee Red Flag from the FRG. As it was the first activity of Partizan in Stuttgart, the big turnout both shows the high regard the comrades in Dersim are held in and the general interest in the activities organized by Partizan.


In the following we document a translation we have recieved of the statement that was made at this meeting in the name of the Committee Red Flag:

Speech of the Committee Red Flag at the commemoration of the six fallen Tikko combatants

With the Foundation of the glorious Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist under the leadership of comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya more than four decades ago the class struggle in Turkey made a leap of historic proportions: The proletariat and the oppressed peoples of Turkey formed their vanguard that ever since struggles unrelentingly and uncompromisingly for the New Democratic Revolution in their country. And this not only in word, but also in deed.

The Tikko, which is led by her, is the fuel that makes the blazing fire of the People’s War in Turkey shine bright. A bonfire that is not only an inspiration in Turkey but for all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in the whole world and also in the FRG. The Tikko is the proof that People’s War can be developed amidst fiercest repression. While others have fled long ago or turned their backs on Turkey, the communists in Dersim kept fighting. The six fallen combatants, heroic sons and daughters of the peoples of Turkey, who we are proud to call comrades, are examples of revolutionary determination and combat readiness.

Always, the revisionists and opportunists traffic with the blood of the heroes. But our declaration in this matter can only be one thing: Nothing and no one, neither imperialism, nor the reaction, nor revisionism – however they dress themselves – will stop the revolution in Turkey. The communist in the world know what kind of comrades they have in Turkey.

And we also know the history of the communists in Turkey. And what has the history shown? It has shown that the red Flag has never been dropped. Again and again new comrades stepped forward to continuously fly high the flag. And so it will be again this time.

In this sense:

Long live the ongoing New Democratic Revolution!
Long live the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist!
Long live the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants!
Death to revisionism! Death to opportunism!
Long live the People’s War!