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AUSTRIA – Combative Demonstration Against European Union

Last week in Salzburg a comparative demonstration against the EU took place. Actual it was against one of there summits on the topic of borders, militarization and their fascist politics against refugees.

The reaction made great effort to guard the summit and to intimidate the demonstrators. There was a huge draft order of police, military, helicopters, military jet planes… But more than 2000 peoples went for demonstration, showing their willingness to struggle against imperialism!

The demonstrators stand against police violence, did not retreat. During the demonstration graffiti were made, many bonfires were burned, demonstrators were hooded (which is forbidden in Austria), one demonstrator was arrested because of the plaint beaten the police, also a flag of the EU was burned inside the demonstration.

What is important to highlight, a joint declaration of Turkish, Serbian and Austrian revolutionaries against the imperialistic alliance of EU was spread at the demonstration.

It was a powerful demonstration against the fascistic imperialistic alliance of European Union, which justified gets the deepest hatred and anger of the masses around the world!

Fight against the EU-alliance! Take the position of proletarian internationalism!

Death to Imperialism! Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Anti EU Salzburg 1

Anti EU Salzburg 3

Anti EU Salzburg 2

Anti EU Salzburg 4

Anti EU Salzburg 5