Two times, the local of the fascist “Bastion Social” was attacked in the French City of Clermont-Ferrand. Flanked by similar actions in other cities such as Lyon and Marseille, comrades of the Revolutionary Youth and C.A.R.A. now managed to close the local in their city once and for all. With an official notice, the “Bastion Social” leadership on the 16th of October declared their retreat in an official declaration.

“Today, we are announcing the closure of the current Clermont-Ferrand office and the local section.” announced “The leadership of the Bastion Social” a couple of days ago under the pretext of some of their members being (supposedly) investigated by the police. However, as came to light with the investigation of the comrades fighting the fascist presence, the fascist activists’ morale was crushed after the repeated attacks that left their local flooded, trashed and void of their belongings.

Bastion Social local

The local after a couple of days after the most recent attack

As the struggle waged by the comrades was a success, the French state’s organs of repression now attempt to bite back fiercely, to not let the militant antifascism of our comrades in France to become a thing. For what was shown in Clermont-Ferrand is that, when mobilizing the masses against the fascist and letting the rage be un-restricted by the (bourgeoisie) legal framework, the fascists can be driven away. Already similar actions took place elsewhere, such as in Marseille or in Lyon, where only a couple of days ago, five persons in broad daylight entered the place of the local “Bastion Social” section and forced them to handover T-Shirts, a Megaphone, flags and a pavilion.

Our solidarity is with those now targeted by the police in Clermont-Ferrand. Fighting against fascism is not a crime, but a duty!

Action in Lyon

Some of the things taken from the local in Lyon