Since the end of 2018, student demonstrations for climate protection have regularly taken place in Europe. Most of the lessons are blacked on Fridays to carry the concerns of the students to the street. Meanwhile, in the FRG, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium a total of up to 100,000 students protest every week.

Of course there is much to criticize in these positions, they are mostly petty-bourgeois or purely idealistic, and if the demonstrations would take place after class, they certainly would have less participants, but the protest is justified.


Climate change exists, that's fact. Of course, there have always been fluctuations in the climate, such as warm and cold times. But the industrie intensifies these effects enormously. The atmosphere has never been so enriched with CO² as today, except for the end of the Permian, about 252 million years ago, when 95% of all species of flora and fauna died out. Here, the C0² content was "only" 2.25 times as high as today, this high concentration was due to large volcanic activity, giant magma chambers hurled over several years lava and gases up to 15000m high in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO²) is mainly responsible for the so-called greenhouse effect. Most of the sunlight is reflected off the earth's surface and is returned to space. However, greenhouse gases such as CO² in the Earth's atmosphere prevent the reflected radiation from being able to return to space, thus causing the atmosphere to heat up. The polar ice caps begin to thaw, as the land ice masses do, which leads to increased freshwater concentrations in the oceans and thus irritates the sensitive water streams, such as the Gulf Stream, and thus generates more and more weather extremes. The deserts continue to spread, leading to the destruction of the livelihoods of large parts of the people in Central Africa. In addition, the sea level rises.


The initiator of the protests is the Swedish student Greta Thunberg. She began with a "school strike on climate justice" in August 2018 and hold a speech at the World Climate Conference in Katowice, Poland. Of course she is instrumentalized by bourgeois environmental organizations and does not promote proletarian or internationalist protest, but much she said in their speech was correct. For example, Greta argues that the majority of people have to suffer from climate change, while a few of them benefit, "Our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunities of a small group of people who want to make more and more money. Our biosphere is being sacrificed so rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. It is the suffering of the many who pay for the luxury of the few [...] If it is impossible to find solutions in the existing system, we should change the system [...] We came here to let you know that A change will come, whether you want it or not. The real power belongs to the people." Although these positions are petty-bourgeois in that they are not given a real class character, Greta Thunberg brings the fact that the masses are writing the history and that the existing system is the origin of the problematic in a nutshell. It is particularly noteworthy that, she does not seek to blame consumers who drive an old car, or those who can not afford organic food and draw no green power,  like many others, but the bourgeoisie and its representatives the parliaments.

The response of the reactionary forces of all stripes was not long in coming. Greta Thunberg is repeatedly the victim of personal attacks and her speech is often referred to be ideologically blinded. That students stay away from lessons to demonstrate for their future and the future of the peoples is above scary to many politicians who demand harsh administrative punishments, including fines for the parents, or even school referrals for the participating children and adolecents. So they want to destroy their future in the bourgeois system to prevent a small rebellion. In addition, the argument that young people do not even understand what is at stake and are totally blinded is often yieled. But children also know that destroying the livelihood of billions of people is a problem.

As welcome as these protests are, they are for now of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois character. Climate change can only be defeat by people's war. A reconciliation of nature and industry is only possible in a classless society, in a society that is not profit-oriented, but rather supply-oriented. If our climate and also we should have a future, we must reconstitute or constitute the communist parties in order to to wipe the imperialism from the face of the earth, once for all,