After two young men were driven to death by the police on the 2nd of March in the French Alpine town of Grenoble, the masses were fighting the reaction for four nights.

The involved policemen chased the two young men Fatih (19) and Adam (17) from the district Mistral, who were traveling on a scooter, cause of a supposedly malfunctioning tail light on to the highway, where it came to the fatal accident.
The response of the oppressed masses was not long in coming. Already on the night of the incident, mostly young people from the Mistral district took the streets to denounce the police and to take the direct fight against the French state. The protest quickly spread to surrounding neighborhoods.

grenoble 1
Dozens of cars were set on fire and the security forces were pelted wit stones and pyrotechnic articles. It also hailed Molotov cocktails from the rooftops of the suburban jungle. The police took massive use of tear gas and rubber bullets, which partly led to serious injuries among the protesters. On Wednesday the 6th of March, thousands of workers gathered in Grenoble to commemorate Fatih and Adam and take their anger on to the streets.

grenoble 2

Meanwhile, there are always voices saying that the two young people are responsible for the accident, they say they just should have to let check them. But if you look at the past few years, it is obvious why migrants do not want to be controlled. Remember Theo who was raped at a police station, or Liu Shaoyao who was murdered in 2017 during a traffic control. Even if it were the case that Fatih and Adam had caused the accident by themselves, the fight would still be justified, the police in the bourgeois state is and remains an enemy of the proletarian masses.