We want to shine a light on these two articles which were published by norwegian comrades in the last two days, we encourage our readers to read them, also with regards to the ideological limitations the latter article has, regarding to its introduction "This text is from 2011 and was written for and by Revolutionary Communist Youth (RKU), then the youth organization for Tjen Folket. The text’s ideological limitation is that the league had then not fully grasped the essence of Maoism. Therefore, the article’s greatest weakness is that it does not clarify and argue for people’s war as the only way to communism.

Yet, despite its weaknesses, it demonstrates that the so-called “anti-monopolistic strategy” is bourgeois reformism in a clear manner. The subject has again been made relevant by people like Rødt Party member Ivar Espås Vangen, who has written about it in Radikal Portal and raised the question at an open meeting at the Hoxhaist-influed organization KPML."

Militarization of Society: Record Military Budget

Military expenses in Norway are now at a record high, both for NATO countries and the world in general. Today, an estimated 1822 billion USD are used for the military. This is more than was spent during the so-called Cold War. Imperialism means a militarization of reaction. It means more war and more fascism. Opportunists do not understand this and Rødt will grant even more money to the defense budget, but the revolutionaries know that the armed struggle that the masses can and will wage will sweep imperialism from the planet. Read more


On the Anti-Monopolistic Strategy

In 1956, the Soviet Union changed its colors. Stalin’s closest allies were purged from their positions of power. Thousands of Bolsheviks followed suit, when Khrushchev and his group of revisionists and bureaucrats constituted themselves as a new ruling class in the Soviet Union. It was relatively peaceful, but nonetheless fully bourgeois counterrevolution, that quickly changed Soviet policies. In the course of a few years, the economy was fundamentally changed, from maximal satisfaction of the peoples’ and socialism’s needs to director-led enterprise and profits for the bosses. Read more