We share this call of the League against imperialist Aggression Hamburg:

Manifestation on 3rd of July 17:00 S-Bahn Sternschanze.

After Venezuela, another country is threat by a Yankee-imperialist intervention. Iran, which opposes the subordination under the USA, is supposed to be bown down by sanctions and military interventions.

For decades, yankee-imperialism wages war against the opressed countries of west asia: hunger and misery for the population is normal in many countries.

The USA fight against all countries which do not want to subordinate. An expansion of their "leverage" like important crude materials and territory, against other imperialist countries like russia sharpens the imperialist aggressions in these regions further.

The attacks against the iranian sovereignty by now are cyber attacks and economic sanctions. In Trumps own words, in last minute an act of reprisal against the Iran was averted. The danger of a military intervention raises. The USA made clear, they just want to have a "concession to hunt for the middle east". The yankee-imperialists draw a picture of a "growing danger" by Iran, based on obscure intel reports, which even parts of their own government do not believe. This "setting of danger" is to be put against an aggressionfront of the yankees with their lakeys. They already arm up in their semicolonies.

Iran has the right of national independence, and even the main enemy of the people, yankee-imperialism cannot change this.

Not the iranian government but the iranian people wil suffer from the sanctions!

The imperialist aggressions will lead to uprising of the iranian people and its formation to a national liberation movement, which will oppose the imperialist resolutely!

Long live international solidarity!

League against imperialist Aggression