May 8 marks the Norwegian Day of Liberation from occupation by fascist Germany. On this years 8th of May however US scare-monger and "alt-right" enthusiast Steve Bannen choose to visit the Norwegian town of Bergen. We document a recently issued report by the comrades from Tjen Folket Media on the protest aginst his visit:

On May 8, a demonstration against Nordisk Mediedager’s [Nordic Media Days] invitation to Steve Bannon was held in Bergen. It was the Facebook page “Aktivisme i Bergen”, associated with several activist environments in Bergen, that stood behind the demonstration.
Roughly 100 people showed up to demonstrate Liberation Day and to express their disgust with fascism.
From the Facebook event page:

On May 8, 1945, Norway was liberated from occupation. Today, fascism has come back in a new costume, and has taken the name “alt-right” or “identitarian”.
On the same day, Nordisk Mediedager in Bergen invited Steve Bannon to talk about so-called alternative media. This is a dangerous normalization of a fascist leading figure.

Speeches were held by the Red Party, the Socialist Left Party, the Struggle Committee, Socialist Youth, the Palestine Committee, the Latin America Group, Communist Youth, and European Youth.

16 different organizations joined the demonstration.

After the final speech was held, a good number of people that participated in the demonstration moved to Grieghallen, where Nordiske Mediedager was hosting its event, where they shouted slogans like “No platform, Bannon go home” and “No fascists in our streets”.

Sources who has been inside the locale and listened to his speech have informed us that Bannon was not interviewed, but rather used his time to hold a “lightning speech” about his fascist message and he was more or less lecturing, which is something that Nordisk Mediedager promised time and again that he would not be allowed to do. This provoked attendees, and an activist began to shout that Mediedagene arrangers were hypocrites while gesturing towards the building where participants from the conference stood and watched the demonstration. This led to the arrest of one activist, who was later removed from the city center.